Breaking News!!!!! The Ark of the Covenant Has Been Found!!!!

It has been discovered!  Finally!!!!

Unfortunately circumstances make it impossible to excavate further.  We need more funding!  If I can raise $10,000,000 in the next week we can go ahead and finish the work and prove to the world that the 10 lost tribes came to America and deposited the Ark of the Covenant in, of all places, my front yard!

Please help!  Please send what you can to me via Paypal.  I promise, when I have the funding I need I’ll dig the thing up and you will have, as an investor, first dibs on parts of it!

[If the Noah’s Ark people can ‘find’ that thing and then say they can’t get to it to verify it, why can’t I and anyone else, huh?]

5 thoughts on “Breaking News!!!!! The Ark of the Covenant Has Been Found!!!!

  1. Are you trying to undermine me and take away my business? For the past 5 years I’ve been selling tickets to the real Ark of the Covenant which is in MY BACKYARD!


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  3. its in my shed. or was that the ark of the covenant? doesnt matter, its $20 for adults and kids under 5 are free. no picture taking allowed. shows on the hour during the week and on the half hour on Sunday. cant bring your own food in.


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