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Quote of the Day

Guys who know more about fantasy football than dead apostles are not very good seminary students–Gary Yates

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Wilfred Lambert Featured on BBC Radio 4

Via Viv Rowett of SOTS- You may be interested to know that Wilfred Lambert is expected to be featured on the BBC Radio 4 obituaries programme “Last Word” on Friday 9 December at 4 pm (repeated Sunday 11 December at … Continue reading

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Rick Larsen Fired Three Staffers Because they Told the Truth

Three young staffers in the office of Rep. Rick Larsen (D-Wash.) were fired Thursday after a political blog printed a series of messages they’d apparently exchanged on Twitter about drinking in the office and how much they hate their boss. … Continue reading

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Louise Hitchcock: First Lady of the Philistines

Louise, a frequent digger at Gath and Professor in Australia is in the news in a really nicely done interview.  Good for her!  And good for the profession!!!! In our first hour, we welcome to the show Prof. Louise Hitchcock, Associate Professor … Continue reading

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An Addition to the Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit in New York: The 10 Commandments Fragment

The New York Times reports Discovery Times Square – the crowd-pleasing exhibition space on West 44th Street that is now the host to “The Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Biblical Times” – announced that it planned to briefly … Continue reading

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Brill, Why?

Once again a fantastic looking volume is published.  One that sounds like it would be a brilliant read.  On a subject with which I am very interested.  But, alas, it is unaffordable because it’s from EJ Brill. A close conceptual … Continue reading

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Sexuality and the Bible: Thomas Römer and Konrad Schmid

Take a look at this video, filmed at Swissnex in conjunction with the SBL meeting in SanFrancisco. http://fora.tv/embed?id=14548&type=c Sexuality and the Bible: What the Texts Really Say from swissnex San Francisco on FORA.tv

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Amazon Responds to My Departure

I mentioned yesterday that Amazon’s scheme to have folk walk out of local stores and order stuff from them was the last straw for me.  I sent a letter to Jeff Bezos and here’s the reply I got today: Dear … Continue reading

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Content Manipulation?? On Wikipedia??? Tell it not in Gath!

Wikipedia has suspended at least 10 accounts linked to the public relations firm Bell Pottinger as it investigates allegations of content manipulation. If they cared about content manipulation they’d suspend more than 10 accounts. The online encyclopaedia’s founder Jimmy Wales … Continue reading

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You Can Still Win A Copy of the Common English Bible!

I’m still giving away copies (as authorized by the good people at the CEB).  Each Thursday I announce the week’s winner and this week that’s Luke Chandler!  If you entered and didn’t win, try again.  Just tell me why, in … Continue reading

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Robert Cargill on Simcha’s Suit

Bob left the following in comments to the earlier post but I’m elevating it to a posting of its own since it is vintage Cargill: intelligent, sage, and precise. Simcha Jacobovici is suing Joe Zias. *Suing* him…in court…for money. Unbelievable! … Continue reading

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Jesus Didn’t Tell the Church to Draw Crowds, He Told It To Make Disciples

The Guardian’s headline sets the tone- Liverpool’s church for all seasons draws the crowds. Crowds for what? Well not worship it seems. In fact, it’s anything but for worship and discipleship. It’s for the arts and community organization (which are … Continue reading

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The Historical Reliability of John’s Gospel: Issues and Commentary

This isn’t a new book.  It was actually published 10, nearly 11 years ago now.  But in light of the resurgence of interest in Johannine historical issues (thanks in large part to the work of the SBL John, Jesus and … Continue reading

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Consider the Consequences: You Really Will ‘Reap What you Sow’

The CEB renders Galatians 6:7 thusly- Make no mistake, God is not mocked. A person will harvest what they plant. The underlying phrase in Greek – Μὴ πλανᾶσθε θεὸς οὐ μυκτηρίζεται ὃ γὰρ ἐὰν σπείρῃ ἄνθρωπος τοῦτο καὶ θερίσει I’d … Continue reading

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Pay the Piper- Or Lose it All

I find the behavior of a fire department that just stands by and watches utterly offensive and inhuman.  They let the family lose everything they have for a paltry $75.  Maybe they didn’t have a spare $75.  Is that just … Continue reading

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Why is Simcha Jacobovici Suing Joe Zias?

I’ve heard from sources that Joe Zias has been sued by Simcha Jacobovici.  The reason, so far as I can discern it, is because Simcha is suggesting that a Discovery Channel (or NatGeo) special Simcha produced was pulled and Joe … Continue reading

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Miss, Your Skinny Jeans Are Too Tight

News of an apparent ban on skinny jeans at BYU-Idaho unleashed a torrent of Internet stories Wednesday, spurring bloggers and news outlets alike to comment on the university’s Honor Code and unique culture. Several students recently were turned away for … Continue reading

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