I Used to Like Johnny Depp, But Now He’s Just Become an Idiot

Having Jesus turn up for a bachelor night is bad enough. But when Johnny Depp sang about him drinking then passing out on the floor in a new song, it was more than some Christians could bear. The Christian Coalition says Depp and members of the indie band Babybird “will burn in hell for this filth.” It’s a “slap in the face to Christians all over the world,” says a statement from Focus on the Family.

The song, “Jesus Stag Night Club,” is about men who hire a Christ look-alike for a stag party, then realize he’s the real thing, reports ABC News.

Prat.  He’s apparently just seeking publicity, knowing his dreck song would only stir up folk.  Prat.  Nothing says fading loser quite like publicity whoring stunts.  I think he should go ahead and sing such a song about Mohammed.  Let him see what some radicals of that persuasion do to publicity questers.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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  1. Well, I mean, “look a drunkard and a glutton”

    Not that I think Depp has a clue about the reference.


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