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Rowan Williams Needs to Read the Bible

Then he wouldn’t make absurd statements about Jesus and the Occupy movement.  And if he did he’d know two things.  First, he would know that Jesus refused to be co-opted by greed/wealth seekers.  Take a look at Luke 12

13 Someone from the crowd said to him, “ Teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me. ” 14 Jesus said to him, “ Man, who appointed me as judge or referee between you and your brother? ” 15 Then Jesus said to them, “ Watch out! Guard yourself against all kinds of greed. After all, one’s life isn’t determined by one’s possessions, even when someone is very wealthy. ” 16 Then he told them a parable: “ A certain rich man’s land produced a bountiful crop. 17 He said to himself, What will I do? I have no place to store my harvest! 18 Then he thought, Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll tear down my barns and build bigger ones. That’s where I’ll store all my grain and goods. 19 I’ll say to myself, You have stored up plenty of goods, enough for several years. Take it easy! Eat, drink, and enjoy yourself. 20 But God said to him, ‘Fool, tonight you will die. Now who will get the things you have prepared for yourself?’ 21 This is the way it will be for those who hoard things for themselves and aren’t rich toward God. ”

Did you catch that? Guard yourselves against ALL KINDS of GREED! Including, doubtless, the greed implicit in the occupy movement. Turn your attention away from stuff and junk and nonsense that will turn to rust and moth food and focus your attention on God.

And second, if Williams would read the Bible he’d learn that Jesus won’t be co-opted by modern ideological trends.  Jesus wouldn’t recognize your attempts, Rowan, to shove him in a box and make himself your hand puppet.  Let Jesus be Jesus.  Stop trying to make him some sort of absurd modern Anglican.

Christianity has nothing to do with greed.  And Christians who try to turn Christianity into some sort of social movement have misunderstood it more profoundly than a dog misunderstands an Angel.

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The 2011 Bavinck Conference Lectures Online

Audio recordings of lectures from the 12–14 October 2011 international Bavinck conference, “After 9/11/11 . . . What? Reformed Theology and the Church’s Global Mission Today,” are now available on our web site.

Via.  The theme of the lectures is dialogue with Islam.  Look’s like there might be some gems in there.

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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?


A Williamsburg man is charged for allegedly biting off half of another man’s earlobe while they were drinking at a party.  The Whitley County Sheriff’s Office got a call on December 4 from Jellico Community Hospital in Tennessee asking a deputy to investigate an assault in Whitley County.  The deputy concluded the victim and the suspect, Christopher Priscilla Tilling,  Zachary Shane Hopkins, 2 90, got into an altercation at a party the night of December 3.  Witnesses told the deputy Hopkins and the victim had both been drinking at the time of the incident.  The victim was treated and released from the hospital.  The sheriff’s office says the earlobe could not be reattached. The injury is thought to be permanent unless the victim receives plastic surgery later.

You may not know this but Chris went to the Mike Tyson School of Drunken Brawling.  #Truth.  #Winning.

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Sometimes I Think Some People Shouldn’t Be Allowed Within 100 Miles of the Bible

Take, for instance, one of Phil’s students who writes

“in the past I have always thought of 1 Cor 13 as only the love verses that everyone puts in their Facebook statuses”.

Makes you want to stab someone doesn’t it?  Oh go on, admit it.

People Really Are Easily Understood

People are no mystery.  They’re easily understood.  Take, for example, the difference between those who trust Christ in faith and those who remain fixed in depravity.  No mystery here.

We have not the least hesitation to admit what Paul strenuously maintains, that all, without exception, are depraved and given over to wickedness; but at the same time we add, that through the mercy of God all do not continue in wickedness. Therefore, while we all labour naturally under the same disease, those only recover health to whom the Lord is pleased to put forth his healing hand. The others whom, in just judgment, he passes over, pine and rot away till they are consumed. And this is the only reason why some persevere to the end, and others, after beginning their course, fall away. Perseverance is the gift of God, which he does not lavish promiscuously on all, but imparts to whom he pleases. If it is asked how the difference arises—why some steadily persevere, and others prove deficient in steadfastness, we can give no other reason than that the Lord, by his mighty power, strengthens and sustains the former, so that they perish not, while he does not furnish the same assistance to the latter, but leaves them to be monuments of instability. — John Calvin

That says it right well.  If anyone has a clearer, better, more accurate, and more forthright explanation, do tell.

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Light on Joshua from the Dead Sea Scrolls

Florentino Garcia-Martinez has just uploaded an essay titled Light on the Joshua Books from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

It’s from After Qumran. Old and Modern Editions of the Biblical Texts – The Historical Books. Edited by H. Ausloos, B. Lemmelijn & J. Trebolle Barrera (Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium 246). Leuven: Peeters, 2011.

Garcia-Martinez needs no introduction and neither does his work.  Have a look.

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Scott, That’s Not Really a Church

It’s an assembly of pagans.

Crossing Church‘s Christmas series this year is titled Bringin’ Swagger Back. It is kicked off by this video of Santa getting his swagger back.

Read the rest of the BP raising tale at Scott’s blog. And then pray God to go all Old Testament on that pagan lot for desecrating the name of the Church.

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Verbal Cues: Or, How To Know That Book or Essay is Total Idiocy

Whenever you see a book title or an essay title that begins with the words ‘The End Of …. ____________’ you know it’s total idiocy produced by a voluminously equipped imbecile.

So, ‘The End of History’ will be moronic since- be honest for half a second- no one knows any more about that then they do the name of the caveman who invented fire.  And if they say they do, well, they’re just a big fat pants on fire liar.

And of course ‘The End of Biblical Studies’ is nonsense a priori since – obviously- biblical studies hasn’t, and won’t end just because a feckless angry witless atheist thinks it has or should.  One man doesn’t a movement make.  Without hoards of followers even the most virulently simplistic ideology goes no where.

Or ‘The End of Food’ assures readers beforehand that such overblown claims are fear-mongering at its worst.

And last but not least ‘The End of the World’ as proclaimed by the false prophets of senseless doom.  As we all know, that tragically ignorant lot can’t manage to interpret Mark 13 correctly so there’s no chance they have an open window to the plan of God.

And that’s the one thing that all these ‘the end of _________’ simpletons share: a desire to provoke fear so as to sell their product.  ‘The end of ___________’ is a pathetic marketing campaign aimed at the ill- and un-informed.   It’s money grubbing at its worst because it plays on nothing but fears held dear by the simple-minded.

Whenever you see the phrase ‘the end of _______’ let the buyer beware.  You’re about to be lied to and fleeced.

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Conference Announcement: Are the Paulinists Finally Moving Beyond the Hideously Boring ‘Old Perspective v. the New Perspective’ Silliness?

True, that’s not the name of the conference (though to be fair, it should be!).  The Conference is actually titled ‘Beyond Old and New Perspectives on Paul‘ and my bestie Chris Tilling has all the info.  If you’re in the UK, you’ll want to go!  Seriously! It’s

A two-day conference critically engaging with Douglas Campbell’s proposals in The Deliverance of God: An Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul.

It almost didn’t happen so, again, if you want to get the latest (and best) perspective on Paul, this is for you.  Yes, that’s right.  Campbell’s work makes NT Wright’s work on Paul look like it was written by Rick Warren.

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If You’re Outraged by This, Why Aren’t You Outraged at the Tens of Thousands of Children Disposed of Similarly via Abortion?

American hypocrisy in terms of its treatment of the young is unbounded.  On one hand everyone with even a fragment of a heart is outraged to read

The body of 7-year-old Georgia girl missing since Friday was found in a trash compactor at her apartment complex, officials announced Monday.  It appears Jorelys Rivera of Canton, Ga., was sexually assaulted and severely beaten, Vernon Keenan, director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, told reporters

but on the other we turn a blind eye to the unbelievable number of children tossed in bio-hazard dumpsters by the abortion industry.  It’s disgusting.  And the death of any child is mourn-worthy.  So where’s America’s outrage at abortion?

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Why Are We In Barbarian-istan Again?

NZZ reports that a blast today in Kabul has killed 50.

In der afghanischen Hauptstadt Kabul sind bei einem Selbstmordattentat vor einem schiitischen Heiligtum etwa 50 Menschen getötet worden. Ein Attentäter sprengte sich inmitten schiitischer Muslime in die Luft, die sich anlässlich des Ashura-Festes versammelt hatten.

Perhaps one day our government will hatch a sensible excuse as to why we remain in Barbarian-istan.  Sectarians there are hell bent (bent by hell itself) to destroy one another.  How can we stop that kind of insane hatred?

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If You Have More Money than Sense…

Buy yourself a 7″ (that’s just a little over half a foot”’) tall inflatable Dalmatian sporting a star of David and wearing a yarmulke…

It can be yours for a paltry… wait for it… $149.  [With thanks to Irene on FB for alerting me to this…]

That gives me a fantastic idea to make loads of money: take ordinary items and slap religious symbols on them and voila!  We’re in the money!

The Insomniac’s Prayer

Psalm 102:7ff (CEB)

7 I lie awake all night.
I’m all alone like a bird on a roof.
8 All day long my enemies make fun of me;
those who mock me
curse using my name!
9 I’ve been eating ashes instead of bread.
I’ve been mixing tears into my drinks
10 because of your anger and wrath,
because you picked me up
and threw me away.
11 My days are like a shadow soon gone.
I’m dried up like dead grass.

12 But you, LORD , rule forever!
Your fame lasts
from one generation to the next!
13 You will stand up—
you’ll have compassion on Zion
because it is time
to have mercy on her—
the time set for that has now come!
14 Your servants cherish Zion’s stones;
they show mercy even to her dirt.
15 The nations will honor the LORD ’s name;
all the earth’s rulers
will honor your glory
16 because the LORD will rebuild Zion;
he will be seen there in his glory.
17 God will turn
to the prayer of the impoverished;
he won’t despise their prayers.

I guess it’s not all that bad to be awake in the middle of the night when normal people are asleep as long as you don’t have to eat ashes.  Sort of puts things into perspective…