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Back-Peddling: The Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church Edition

The pastor at a small Kentucky church says he has nullified a vote by parishioners that banned interracial couples from the church.  “As far as I’m concerned and the church is concerned, this case will be closed as of tomorrow,” Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church pastor Stacy Stepp said Saturday, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. “We will … get back on the right track and continue to win souls for the Lord.”

He nullified the vote did he?  Dictator?  This means that 1- the Church was not led by the Spirit when it voted as it did.  Or 2- the Pastor is wrong to nullify their vote.  Either way, someone isn’t really listening to God.  My guess is, it’s everyone who voted to exclude.

If their decision had been one of true conviction (as perverse as that conviction is) then they should have stuck with it.  If it weren’t based on true conviction (as perverse as that conviction must be) then it never should have been done in the first place.

For those reasons I can’t find myself congratulating them for their change of heart- because I don’t believe it’s sincere.  I believe that it’s wrought in the fire of public scrutiny and that means that at heart the Pastor is a man of no true Spirit.

They aren’t sorry they decided as they did to exclude- they’re just sorry word got out.  If the wider world never knew, the couple in question would still be excluded and the church would still feel justified for doing so.  Such persons deserve no congratulations.

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Worship: An Observation

Sitting on your couch at home and watching ‘worship’ on tv is to worship what sitting at home on the couch and watching a football game is to playing football.

The Christian Life or the Christian ‘Hobby’

Jesus calls disciples but most would prefer to live the ‘Christian Hobby’ than the Christian Life. In other words, most prefer to treat their Christianity as a hobby instead of as a way of living.

Sometimes A Dog is Just a Dog and Is Always Just a Dog

Via 'Coffee With Jesus'

Aww Isn’t That Precious- Atheists Want Atheist ‘Chaplains’ in the Military

NPR reports

Retired Army captain and Iraqi war veteran Jason Torpy says the chaplains employed by the U.S. military can’t relate to people like h

Bertrand Russell 1907

im. He’s an atheist.  He’s also the president of a group that’s trying to get the armed forces to become more inclusive by hiring atheist chaplains. The Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers wants the military to provide for the estimated 40,000 atheists, agnostics and humanists who serve in U.S. forces.

Aww.  Atheists want their unbelief to be treated like belief.  They want their anti-godliness dignified with their own set of ‘chaplains’.  Next thing you know, the pedophiles in prisons across the country will want their own pedophilistic chaplains too.

Nothing says absurdity like modern silly, angry atheism.  It wants religion out of public life at the same time it wants to be treated like a religion.  Idiots.

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Giovanni Garbini’s Latest Volume: Dio Della Terra, Dio Del Cielo

This one sounds fantastic!

Dio della terra, dio del cielo è un tentativo di delineare la formazione e gli sviluppi del complesso di idee religiose che per alcuni millenni caratterizzarono i semiti di Siria e Palestina e più tardi dell’Arabia, per essere infine ereditate dal giudaismo e dal cristianesimo come anche dall’islam. Uno dei risultati di non minor interesse dello studio di Giovanni Garbini è la ricostruzione delle vie per le quali si giunse al tipo di religione solitamente classificato come monoteismo: a detta dell’autore, il monoteismo della Bibbia fa la sua entrata in scena soltanto in età cristiana, e la nuova religione che nasce con la Bibbia è tutt’altra cosa da un poco plausibile istinto religioso dei semiti. Nella ricostruzione di Garbini, l’idea del dio unico nacque a Gerusalemme come ideologia politica a salvaguardia dell’identità nazionale giudaica, e la matrice eminentemente politica del monoteismo risulta chiaramente dall’evoluzione che questa ideologia ebbe a conoscere e che il cristianesimo e l’islam non fecero che confermare.

I’ll have to get a copy.  I very much appreciate Antonio Lombatti pointing it out.

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Classy ‘Religious’ Thugs Who Beat an Old Man…


English: Nablus. Old city of Nablus and Mount ...

Radical viciousness by Ultra-Orthodox Israelis is in the news again.

Israeli settlers assaulted a 60-year-old man cultivating land in the northern West Bank on Saturday morning, a Palestinian Authority official said.   Najih Abdul-Qadir was tilling his fields near the illegal Itamar settlement east of Nablus when a group of ultra-orthodox Israelis approached him and beat him severely, PA settlement monitoring official Ghassan Doughlas told Ma’an.

That’s right- nothing says being a ‘light to the nations’ quite like beating some old man senseless and nearly to death simply because he’s working HIS OWN land.  Nice, fundamentalist Jewish Taliban, nice.  Especially since your own settlement is illegal and you have no business being in the area in the first place.

[And in spite of the violence wreaked against the old man, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Christian Zionist heretics will rush to the defense of these depraved thugs because they are just as depraved and indifferent to human life].

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Chris Tilling’s Evil Contest

Details here.  I think I’ll dress up like Santa and enter…

Wow, Those Occupy People Sure are Compassionate…

Nothing says civility and compassion as much as running off as fast as you can when a dead body is found at your Occupy camp so that you don’t have to deal with the cops…

An official at the University of North Texas says a man has been found dead at a campsite on the school’s campus where Occupy Denton protesters have been gathering.  The Dallas Morning News reports (http://dallasne.ws/vMD2Qf ) that university spokesman Buddy Price says officers from the school’s police department found the man’s body Saturday after someone called authorities. Price says no one else was at the encampment when police arrived.

Note the last sentence- it’s quite telling isn’t it.  Someone phoned it in and then they all split.  No one was evidently concerned enough to stay and help the police uncover the cause- even if it were simply seeing the guy stumbling around or whatever and telling them that.

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Violent Fanatacism

Español: San Lorenzo Te amo

What dreadfulness.  Scores of people were hurt when violent and destructive fanatics stormed down and wreaked havoc.  Some injuries were critical and others resulted in broken bones.

But this violence didn’t take place at some absurd occupy event or in Syria (the forgotten Arab nation where over 5000 people have been killed by a perverse government).  No, this fanatical violence took place in Oklahoma.  Provoked by a football game…

Football ‘fans’ (read- fanatics) seem to be immune, however, from the public scorn rightly heaped on oppressive governments and religious lunatics who strap bombs to themselves and injure the innocent.

Maybe that’s because sports fanatics outnumber every other sort of fanatic by the tens of millions and no one wants to call them the perverted reprobates that their violent outbursts deserve.  Or maybe it’s because we turn a blind eye to such idiocy.  Or maybe it’s both.

At any rate the victims of fanaticism, whatever its source, whether sport or government or religion, still end up injured and sometimes dead.  Which only proves one thing- sports fanaticism is far more dangerous a threat to society than any of the other sorts of fanaticism precisely because there are more sports fans than any other type.

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Today with Zwingli

On 4 December, 1523 Zwingli wrote his friend Berchtold Haller and among other things described the pressure of work as efforts at Reform were spreading across the Cantons:

… partim quod negotiorum strepitus et ecclesiarum curae ita me undique quatiunt, ut nuper Henricus Engelhardus decretorum doctor diceret, sese vehementer admirari, quod nondum essem ad insaniam redactus. Nam ut exempli causa dicam, plus decies ab hac epistola sum avocatus. Scribunt ad nos Suevi; exigunt quotidie, quod ipse praestare nequeo, tametsi pro virili illis satisfacio. Scribunt ex Helvetiis ferme omnes, qui propter Christum praemuntur. Haec, ut omnia boni consulatis, scripsi. Si vero quiddam occurret, in quo tibi usui esse potero, ne parcas: nam maiori tranquillitati brevi restituar.

In part

… The hurry of business and the care of the churches occupy me to such a degree, that Dr. Engelhardt lately told me, he wondered that I had not before this time become distracted. For instance, I have been ten times called off since I began this letter. From Suabia they write to me for what I am not competent to perform for them; though I do what I can. From every part of Switzerland I am applied to by those who are in difficulties for Christ’s sake. If however any thing occurs in which I can be of use to you, do not spare me—for I hope for more leisure.…  (Trans. J. Scott).