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Back-Peddling: The Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church Edition

The pastor at a small Kentucky church says he has nullified a vote by parishioners that banned interracial couples from the church.  “As far as I’m concerned and the church is concerned, this case will be closed as of tomorrow,” … Continue reading

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Worship: An Observation

Sitting on your couch at home and watching ‘worship’ on tv is to worship what sitting at home on the couch and watching a football game is to playing football.

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The Christian Life or the Christian ‘Hobby’

Jesus calls disciples but most would prefer to live the ‘Christian Hobby’ than the Christian Life. In other words, most prefer to treat their Christianity as a hobby instead of as a way of living.

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Sometimes A Dog is Just a Dog and Is Always Just a Dog

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Aww Isn’t That Precious- Atheists Want Atheist ‘Chaplains’ in the Military

NPR reports Retired Army captain and Iraqi war veteran Jason Torpy says the chaplains employed by the U.S. military can’t relate to people like h im. He’s an atheist.  He’s also the president of a group that’s trying to get … Continue reading

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Giovanni Garbini’s Latest Volume: Dio Della Terra, Dio Del Cielo

This one sounds fantastic! Dio della terra, dio del cielo è un tentativo di delineare la formazione e gli sviluppi del complesso di idee religiose che per alcuni millenni caratterizzarono i semiti di Siria e Palestina e più tardi dell’Arabia, … Continue reading

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Classy ‘Religious’ Thugs Who Beat an Old Man…

  Radical viciousness by Ultra-Orthodox Israelis is in the news again. Israeli settlers assaulted a 60-year-old man cultivating land in the northern West Bank on Saturday morning, a Palestinian Authority official said.   Najih Abdul-Qadir was tilling his fields near the … Continue reading

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Chris Tilling’s Evil Contest

Details here.  I think I’ll dress up like Santa and enter…

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Wow, Those Occupy People Sure are Compassionate…

Nothing says civility and compassion as much as running off as fast as you can when a dead body is found at your Occupy camp so that you don’t have to deal with the cops… An official at the University … Continue reading

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Violent Fanatacism

What dreadfulness.  Scores of people were hurt when violent and destructive fanatics stormed down and wreaked havoc.  Some injuries were critical and others resulted in broken bones. But this violence didn’t take place at some absurd occupy event or in … Continue reading

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Today with Zwingli

On 4 December, 1523 Zwingli wrote his friend Berchtold Haller and among other things described the pressure of work as efforts at Reform were spreading across the Cantons: … partim quod negotiorum strepitus et ecclesiarum curae ita me undique quatiunt, … Continue reading

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