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Total Depravity: The Lying Teen Edition

This one’s a real peach

A teenager has been arrested on accusations of being the mastermind of an elaborate scheme to kidnap a 2-week-old baby in Santa Ana, Calif., according to police. Gladys Remigio,17, was arraigned Friday for allegedly enlisting two gang members, 20-year-old Steven Quirino and 19-year-old Robert Rodriguez, to steal her roommate’s 15-day-old daughter.

The newborn’s mother, who is identified only as “Norma,” told police that on the morning of Nov. 29, Remigio entered her bedroom with a man armed with a gun and ordered Norma into the bathroom. Norma’s other children were asleep. Norma managed to escape when the two men fled the scene, and she found her baby outside with Remigio.

Why’d she do it?

“She’s engaged to a guy who thinks that she’s 8 months pregnant and working in New York City. But she’s not pregnant,” Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said. “Eight months into this lie, she’s living with these people who have a 2-week old baby. So her master plan was to befriend these two hardcore gang members and have them rob the house.

“The deal was that the two gang members were going to put the baby in the back of the car and Remigio was going to drive to Chula Vista, where her boyfriend lives, and live happily ever after with her fiance and present the kidnapped baby as if she had a kid,” he said.

Like I said, she’s a real (totally depraved) peach this one.

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Zwingli’s Theme

English: Portrait drawing of Swiss reformer Ul...

It wasn’t at all unusual for theologians of the Reformation to choose a ‘theme’ for their work from Scripture.  Bullinger did and so did Zwingli (other’s did too, but it’s hard to care much about theirs).

Zwingli’s was this gem from the Gospel of Matthew-

Δεῦτε πρός με πάντες οἱ κοπιῶντες καὶ πεφορτισμένοι κἀγὼ ἀναπαύσω ὑμᾶς

The Common English Bible translates it

Come to me, all you who are struggling hard and carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.

Zwingli chose this particular verse because in the great invitation of Jesus he found both relief and comfort. He knew what burdens were and he struggled with them his entire ministerial life.  He also knew that solace couldn’t be found outside of Christ.  ‘Come to ME’ rang constantly in his ear.

It really is a very fine and profoundly meaningful text.

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What Do World Class Archaeologists Do During the Off Season?

I’m not sure what some do but Eric Cline becomes a 19th century Marine!

Eric Cline

I swiped it from his FB page and sure, he’s going to kill me but that won’t be till SBL Chicago so I have a whole year to live!

‘Journey to Christmas’ Airs Tonight at 7

Some of the folk who serve as ‘presenters’ are Craig Evans and Stephen Pfann.  Watch the trailer here.

Looks like it may have some interesting bits though it also looks to be aimed as an evangelistic tool (which is cool of course).  Unfortunately it also looks like it will air in 4 parts- two of them airing on Sunday night making them unviewable for folk who actually attend worship Sunday evenings (unless they have a DVR).

And finally, the worst part- it’s only available (it seems) in Canada…

So if you’re a Canadian pagan who stays home on Sunday nights you may want to check it out…

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The ‘Real Jews Don’t Marry Americans’ Ad Campaign and What it Shows of Radical Zionists

According to this fantastically enlightening essay these ads show that-

The main concept of Zionism is that Jewish life, outside of their national homeland, is the life of an invalid. They cannot be truly Jewish life since they lack the national element of Judaism. Jews can only be fully Jews when they live in Israel. An early Zionist writer, Yehuda Pinsker, compared the lives of diaspora Jews to that of the undead, and went further on to say anti-Semitism is a natural response to the unnatural existence of deracinated Diaspora Jews.

Accordingly, Zionism views Jewish life abroad with disdain. This is reflected in the language: A Jew who immigrates to Israel is called an “oleh,” literally someone who transcends; One who emigrates from Israel is called a “yored,” literally someone going down. Hence, the need for an a ministry who will cater to the needs of Jews who “make aliyah” – The Ministry of Aliyah Absorption. Incidentally, it is extremely difficult for a non-Jew to immigrate to Israel.

More pointedly-

Israeli Jews, particularly the hardcore Zionists, view Diaspora Jews with thinly veiled contempt, which erupts to the surface from time to time – such as when former President Weizman called upon American Jews to leave the US and come to Israel, and so fulfill their destiny, or when the author A.B. Yohoshua told American Jews in 2006 that “Outside of Israel, Judaism cannot exist. You are dealing with a Judaism of plug and play… You switch identities as you change your jackets… If China becomes stronger than the US, you would all move to China.” This is not particularly new: The Palestine/Israel branch of the historic Zionist movement always considered Zionists living in Israel to be superior to Jews living in the Diaspora, and considered Diaspora Jews not as independent human beings but rather as Zionist building blocks. Nowhere was this more evident that in Ben Gurion’s famous saying, that if he had to choose between a million Jewish children being saved by being sent to Britain or just half of them saved, but sent to Palestine, he would choose the latter. For hardcore Zionists, Diaspora Jews are failures; They can only be redeemed by joining our armed ghetto.

Jewish Nationalism as expressed in radical Zionism is a danger to Jews and the world.

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The Nation’s Undiscovered Pedophile Coaches are Getting Nervous

With good reason.

After the dismissal of Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine and the arrest of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, the nation’s yet-to-be-caught pedophile coaches expressed nervousness Friday that any one of them could be next. “There’s a certain level of anxiety one comes to expect from this sort of life, but all this media attention has made me worry that the terrible things I’ve done to children may finally come to light,” said an assistant high school coach and co-director of a summer sports camp who spoke on condition of anonymity. “I almost wish I were morally strong enough to stop what I’m doing, or even turn myself in, because I know in my heart that sexually abusing the children is wrong and I need serious psychiatric help. But I’ll probably just ease up for a while until all this blows over.”

We all love the Onion- the most reliable source of real news.

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The True Spirit of Christmas… In the Style and Manner of ‘The Screwtape Letters’

Thanks very much to Christian Brady for this- it’s fantastic:


Happy Birthday Rachel

Today our daughter Rachel turns the big 25!  Here she is at 1 or 2 with her cousins.  She’s the little blondish one…  We love ya!  And we’re proud of the person you’ve become.

Twitter Made Me Sad Today

Really twitter?  That’s depressing…