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Quote of the Day

… The world, in accordance with its depraved disposition, has always thrown every possible obstacle in the way of the helps by which it ought to have been brought to God.  — John Calvin

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Newt Became a Wealthy Man, By Being Elected to Congress

In 1979, an impoverished Georgia college professor named Newt Gingrich became a Member of Congress and proceeded to make himself a very rich man. Fifteen years after coming to Congress, Gingrich was earning more than 60 times the income he … Continue reading

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I Might Vote for Jon Huntsman

Because he exposes Mitt for the political hypocrite he is.

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Isaiah Describes American Politics!

I bet this will come as a surprise but long ago Isaiah saw exactly what American politics would be like in 2011 (ok he didn’t and he wasn’t at all concerned about such things- but what he says of Judah … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Pray

It sounds shocking doesn’t it- my telling you that you shouldn’t pray. Especially since Paul urges that we ἀδιαλείπτως προσεύχεσθε   (‘pray without ceasing’) (or in the CEB, ‘Pray continuously’). But here’s why: every time you neglect prayer you make my … Continue reading

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Angels and Demons: A New Series in the U.K.

And the fellow who’s presenting (in America we call him the host) is a specialist in Second Temple Judaism.  Imagine that, an actual scholar and not someone of the ilk of Simcha Jacobovici- an amateur neither naked nor archaeologist. Via … Continue reading

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You Know You’ve Been in Biblical Studies Too Long When…

Anytime you see an abbreviation you don’t think of something normal, you think of something biblical-studies related. For instance, whilst browsing the latest from twitter- this one from Al-Arabiya popped up and when I saw ICC I didn’t instantly think … Continue reading

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The New ‘Basel Catechism’

Vor zwei Jahren hat der Schweizerische Evangelische Kirchenbund eine schweizweite Diskussion über ein reformiertes Glaubensbekenntnis angeregt. Im Auftrag des Kirchenrats der Evangelischreformierten Kirche des Kantons Basel-Stadt hat alt Münsterpfarrer Dr. Franz Christ einen Vorschlag vorgelegt. Diesen «Basler Katechismus» hat Kirchenratspräsident … Continue reading

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The Awkward ‘Virgin Wedding’ Kiss

Ok look, saving yourself for marriage is perfect.  But kissing isn’t exactly copulation.  Plus, if you don’t at least kiss your beloved before the wedding you might just look like this- GHASTLY! And – oh be honest – more than … Continue reading

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Newt’s Right

No one in their right mind could disagree with Gingrich when he says  ‘We need somebody with very substantial big ideas’ (in the White House). That’s certainly true.  But we need someone with substantial big ideas AND a Congress with … Continue reading

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With Christmas Approaching…

Isaiah 40 always rings in my ears- both because it’s fairly commonly read during Advent/Christmas and because of Handel’s marvelous oratorio ‘Messiah’ (which, coincidentally, was written for Easter, though now it’s only ever performed around Christmas). The Common English Bible … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Land: The New Testament Challenge to ‘Holy Land’ Theology

When I learned of this volume I was very keen to read it and the good folk at Baker Academic have graciously sent along a review copy.  I’ve finished it and the review has been uploaded here. In Jesus and … Continue reading

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The Wonders of Modern Technology

I don’t mention very often (though I clearly should) some of my projects but I’ve just finished up a discussion of the prophets with some of the marvelous students at the Philippines Baptist Theological Seminary via Skype and simply want … Continue reading

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Just When I Think It’s Impossible to Feel More Contempt for the Senate…

They manage to make me despise them even more! The Senate on Thursday sidetracked rival plans to extend a Social Security payroll tax cut, in dueling votes that pave the way for negotiations on a compromise on a core component … Continue reading

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