Britain’s Got Europe’s Biggest Women

Don’t be mad at me, be mad at the BBC

A new study finds that the UK has more overweight women than any country across Europe, the BBC reports. The survey of 19 countries found that 23.9% of UK women are obese, which led the fat-pack, ahead of Malta (21.1%), Latvia (20.9%), and Hungary (21.4%). The study also says 22% of British men are fatties, second only to Malta.

You’re catching up to America!

The Enoch Seminar

Gabriele writes

The topic for the Seventh Enoch Seminar will be: “Enoch and the Synoptic Tradition”

Chair: Loren Stuckenbruck, Princeton Theological Seminary
Location: Sicily
Date: Late June, 2013
Areas of Focus:

Angelic and intermediary beings
Sinners and Righteous
Birth Narratives
Portraits of God

This Seventh Seminar will no doubt be a memorable experience. Please look forward to receiving further details in the coming months.

People Over 50 Are More Generous Than Younger People

The Telegraph observes

People over 50 have been dubbed the “generous generation” after research revealed that a third of them are providing financial support for their children or grandchildren despite the deepening economic gloom.

Yeah kids so go ahead and talk bad about old folk. Maybe we’ll just cut you off and let you wallow in your own poverty. Maybe then you’ll stop occupying our couches and go buy your own! Oh wait, you can’t… you don’t work…

(You’ll probably toss us into a nursing home and steal all our stuff the first chance you get, ungrateful wretches).

The KJV Only People Would Consign the Bible to Oblivion

In Britain there’s a move by some to send a copy of the KJV to every school child.  As you might imagine, this has caused Britain’s many secularists to get over-heated.  Enter this letter to the editor of the Guardian-

Secularists should rethink their oppposition to Michael Gove’s scheme to send a new copy of the King James Bible to every school. What better way could there be to consign the living word to oblivion than to bury it in Jacobean-speak?

Very Rev Richard Giles

Giles understands what the KJV only people don’t.  And that is, if the Bible is incomprehensible, it’s useless.  The Living Word can’t be chained to one particular translation.  It refuses to be the slave of any one people or tongue.

Remarkably, the KJV only folk don’t seem to have the mental faculties to understand such a simple fact, believing, it seems, that one old and now virtually obsolete version is to be preferred to renditions which make Scripture accessible.  Too bad history will leave them behind too, just as it has left behind every translation of the Bible ever produced.

If Your 8 year Old Weighs 200 Pounds, You Have a Problem

An Ohio third-grader who weighs more than 200 pounds has been taken from his family and placed into foster care after county social workers said his mother wasn’t doing enough to control his weight.

The case is the first state officials can recall of a child being put in foster care strictly for a weight-related issue.

Lawyers for the mother say the county overreached when authorities took the boy last week. They say the medical problems he is at risk for do not yet pose an imminent danger.

Such cases are hard to decide but it seems fairly safe to say that the kid is in a dangerously permissive environment and needs greater supervision.  Sometimes it’s easier to give in to whining but it’s never the best thing to do and frequently it’s just the easy, lazy way out.

Support Yuval Goren

Sign the petition (the reason for it can be found here).

115 Signatories as of 3:41 p.m., November 27, 2011

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Another Pedophile Coach: Bernie Fine

When news broke that longtime Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine was under investigation for alleged molestation, among the prevailing reactions were, “Oh God, please not again,” and also some skepticism. Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim threw his full support behind Fine. It was noted that being under investigation is different from a grand jury presentment. And it was also noted that Syracuse itself has investigated this whole thing before, and cleared Fine of any wrongdoing.

But that doesn’t mean the story will go away easily – far from it. And on today’s Outside the Lines, we saw (and heard) perhaps the biggest reason yet why. Fine’s most vocal accuser, Bobby Davis, secretly recorded a phone conversation he had with Fine’s wife in 2002. Host Bob Ley said an independent analyst confirmed that the female voice on the call is indeed that of Fine’s wife. And that makes what you’ll hear below very, very strange, to say the least:

You can listen here.  Good heavens.

If You Have $334…

Would you kindly purchase the two volume James VanderKam Festschrift for me?

This collection of essays honors James C. VanderKam on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday and twentieth year on the faculty of the University of Notre Dame. An international group of scholars—including peers specializing in Second Temple Judaism and Biblical Studies, colleagues past and present, and former students—offers essays that interact in various ways with ideas and themes important in VanderKam’s own work. The collection is divided into five sections spanning two volumes. The first volume includes essays on the Hebrew Bible and ancient Near East along with studies on Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Essays in the second volume address topics in early Judaism, Enoch traditions and Jubilees, and the New Testament and early Christianity.

Doesn’t it sound fantastic?  Here’s the table of contents.  Brilliant, right?  So what would you rather do, feed your family for a month or make a car payment or pay the mortgage, or buy me this for Christmas?

I know which I would prefer you to do- but do you?  Will you be a blessing?  Will you rise to the challenge?  Or will you let Satan keep you down???

Has Bill Clinton Suffered a Stroke?

According to the HuffPo

Bill Clinton praised Newt Gingrich while explaining his recent surge in the polls.  “I think he’s doing well just because he’s thinking, and people are hungry for ideas that make some sense,” Clinton told NewsMax. “He’s being rewarded for thinking.”  He also praised the candidate’s debate performance, though he declined to predict a primary win.

Now how’s that for a bizarre turn of affairs?  It makes one think that Clinton has suffered some some neural damage of some kind.

Doomsday – December 21st (or is it 23rd) 2012?

Crackpottery.  Why is ABC’s GMA Weekend edition re-airing the Mayan nonsense today?  Slow news cycle?  Has to be since there’s no actual rational sensible reason for it.

No one has ever gotten, or will ever get, the ‘date’ of the end of the world right.  It can’t be done so stop worrying and live every day as though it were your last.  That way when it really is your last day you won’t be so shocked or disappointed in yourself.

National Bible Week Wraps Up Today

And what better way to bring it to a close than to cite Psalm 119:9ff

9 How can young people
keep their paths pure?
By guarding them
according to what you’ve said.h
10 I have sought you with all my heart.
Don’t let me stray
from any of your commandments!
11 I keep your word close, in my heart,
so that I won’t sin against you.
12 You, LORD , are to be blessed!
Teach me your statutes.
13 I will declare out loud
all the rules you have spoken.
14 I rejoice in the content of your laws
as if I were rejoicing over great wealth.
15 I will think about your precepts
and examine all your paths.
16 I will delight in your statutes;
I will not forget what you have said.

The only ‘rule for life’ or ‘guidebook’ that young people need to chart a clear and responsible course is the Bible.  Without it not even the best intentioned will find peace or joy.  Instead, without it, people only find death in hopelessness.  Choose life.

It’s Going to Be a Great Day!

Where, you ask, does this sudden surge of joyful optimism spring?  From the joyous fact that the UNC Tarheels got their hats handed to them last night by the lowly UNLV to the tune of 90-80!

Oh Happy DAY!!!!!

The Tar Heels shot 31 percent in the second half.

HA!  Their heels really were stuck in tar!

Oh HAPPY Day!!!!

One Week Ago Today the Hanan Eshel Memorial Volume was Presented

At a special session at SBL and it’s titled – ‘Go Out and Study the Land’ (Judges 18:2) : Archaeological, Historical and Textual Studies in Honor of Hanan Eshel. A copy can be yours for a mere $196.

Hanan Eshel (z”l) was a prolific scholar in the field of Dead Sea Scrolls, Classical Archaeology of the Near East and many other topics. During his terminal illness, friends and colleagues got together to present him with a collection of studies on topics that were close to his fields of interest, as an expression of deep friendship and admiration. The volume contains the 22 papers presented to Hanan before his death, covering topics in archaeology, history, and textual studies, with a particular emphasis on aspects relating to the Dead Sea Scrolls, spanning the late Iron Age through late Antiquity.