Ken Ham’s Family Thanksgiving Celebration!

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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14 Responses to Ken Ham’s Family Thanksgiving Celebration!

  1. jim crosier says:

    You are a very mean person!


  2. tharkun says:

    It’s always amusing when critics have to create strawman arguments and ad hominem attacks in order to ‘refute’ a young earth creationist.


  3. Glenn says:

    No. It is not “just art”. Art conveys ideas. If you do not understand this, perhaps your education was a waste of time.


    • Jim says:

      or perhaps the idea the art communicates is anachronistic and thus humorous and you should try to get a bit of education yourself


  4. IKnowGodIs says:

    Veryfunny! You are so silly! 😀

    I love Ken Ham. I read his works, love the Creation Museum, buy his videos, and agree with his science. That said, I find this particular satirical piece funny. Obviously, no intelligent critic would think we Creation Believers envision a dino at the first Thanksgiving! If it had been there, it would have been an even bigger feast ~ and it would not have been a guest! Lol

    Happy Thanksgiving! Take time to give to those who have not, seek Truth in all things, love all regardless if they agree with your point of view, and receive and give blessings.

    Thanks for the laughter – it is good to laugh!


  5. Andrea says:

    Creationism is not science. Only to Ken Ham and he hardly holds any credentials to be an authority on anything. Funny cartoon. Ken is definately using the ape part of his brain.


  6. Keith J. says:

    Ken Ham has posted this to his Facebook page (that’s how I found this site). So you may be getting some *interesting* comments. This is certainly amusing (to me, a FORMER young earth creationist).


  7. Mark Stevens says:

    You. Are. Awesome!


  8. Acidri says:

    Thanks Jim, American history finally makes sense to me. The Dino evolved into a turkey! No?


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