An Atheist Derides Modern Atheism


… modern atheism is hardly worth defending.

Indeed.  R. Joseph Hoffmann goes on to observe

To be brutal, I cannot imagine a time in the history of unbelief when atheism has appeared more pathetic, puling, ignorant or unappealing.  Is this because its savants are also described by those adjectives, or because their fans are just being fans, merchandising the cause: t-shirts, coffee mugs, quick fixes, blasphemy competitions, and billboard campaigns? (Axial tilt is the reason for the season: Honest Jethro,  I thought I’d never stop laughing). I mean, who are we unless someone is offended by who we are?  What good is blasphemy if no one is getting their knickers in a knot anymore, for Christ’s sake. How can we “come out” when there’s no one standing outside the closet to yell “Surprise!” at? And, by the way you churchy jerks: we are victims.

It’s a fun read and at least Hoffman doesn’t suffer the abject stupidity of the angry atheists like Dawkins and Hitchins and Avalos.  Truth told, if that unholy triumverate of insipidity were more like Hoffmann, I could respect them even if disagreeing with them.  Alas, it seems that Hoffmann is one of the few members of the atheist tribe I can stomach (along, of course, with the remarkably delightful Francesca Stavrakopoulou whom I respect boundlessly).

Read the whole piece. Especially if you’re an atheist.