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George Athas and Myself

I forgot to mention that I ran into George at the book hall and he took a picture of the two of us and was nice enough to send it along:

George is a good kid even if he is an Aussie.

On the Way to and At the Blogger Get-Together

The photos of the Swiss chocolate store are here because I stopped in for a Cafe Mocha (it was great) and because I wanted to make sure they would be open tomorrow so I could run by and get some actual Swiss chocolate.  There’s NOTHING like it (though Thorntons, from Britain, is awfully close).

And the rest of the photos are, of course, just a few of the bloggers who collected at the Press Club for a howdy.  I stayed just a few minutes as I needed to see someone before the Eerdman’s Reception.  Photos from that happy event later.

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It Has Been Quite a Full Day…

And it isn’t over yet- with receptions this evening for the bloggers and Eerdmans (which were nice enough to invite me over).

I have tons of photos so far, though, and I wanted to upload them to Facebook.  You can see them all here.

Papers have been tremendous.  A real joy this conference.

The Blogger Session

Briefly put- good stuff! Photos later.

Around The Book Exhibit

Two words – awesome fun.  Ran into Stephen Carlson and Erhard Gerstenberger and Adrianna Wright and Anita Eerdmans among several others and it was nice to chat with them.

Next, a session or two and then the e-listers get-together, lunch, and more joyfulness.  More (and photos of the folk mentioned above and more) anon.


Here in San Fran they’re happy to let you hook onto the wireless at random hotel restaurants.  That’s nice isn’t it.

So the Tilling and I are eating before the sessions begin.  And we’ve managed to avoid AAR types so we are not yet rendered unclean!

A Fairly Busy Day Today

Conferences, book hall, lunch with Joel and Leigh Anne, errands to run to pick up stuff for Rachel and Doris, more conferences this evening, and the Swiss reception tonight.

Photos, of course, of most of it.  And observations along the way.  So, the first observation- it was nice running into Steph and Deane last night.  That’s the very thing that makes SBL so enjoyable- running into old friends and new.

More anon…