More Dilettantism Concerning Noah’s Ark

By someone called Joel Klenck (who, it so happens, is a Harvard grad… it must be Dilettantes from Harvard Day or something).  Anyway, dear Joel is lending his credible Harvard voice (!) to the pseudo-archaeologists of NAMI (not to be confused, I suppose, with NAMBLA) and suggesting that, yup, you guessed it, they’ve actually found Noah’s Ark on Ararat…  And the site on which his stunning claims are contained…oh boy.

But I’ve gotten ahead of myself.  First, the photo of the Ark (!)

See it?  It’s right there.  You can’t miss it unless you’re just one of those evil unbelievers…  But back to the site touting Klenck’s support of NAMI – here’s their left nav panel….

Look at that!  Let’s face it campers, if you can’t trust Klenck’s stuff on THAT page just what exactly can you trust.  I believe, I believe, I believe….  I must make holy pilgrimage to the site of Noah’s Ark so that I too can feel the blessing…

Anyway I don’t know about you, but I have a totally new respect for what Harvard produces.  And for Klenck.  I mean, the guy has one stuffed full resume just packed with miraculous accomplishments.

But to return to the Ark (because heaven knows we can never hear enough about it)

“The site is no hoax,” Klenck states, “and the size and excellent preservation of the edifice will enable it to be studied by numerous scholars.” He notes, “The large wood structure is buried under tons of stones and ice and most of the edifice remains unexplored.”

I’m convinced…  So in Honor of this Astonishing Find/Discovery I’d like to give J.K. my highest award:

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10 thoughts on “More Dilettantism Concerning Noah’s Ark

  1. bobcargill 17 Nov 2011 at 6:42 pm

    saw it this morning. already in my talk on saturday 🙂


    • Jim 17 Nov 2011 at 6:45 pm



  2. bobcargill 17 Nov 2011 at 6:43 pm

    btw, GREAT find on the goodreads site! i didn’t see that one. excellent!


  3. AaronM 17 Nov 2011 at 11:36 pm

    I looked him up via the google, he’s published 3 post-apocalyptic fantasy novels that take place at the “John Harvard Divinity School”, and a book called “The United States and Biblical Prophecy”. Yet his dissertation seems completely reasonable and scholarly:


  4. Acidri 17 Nov 2011 at 11:47 pm

    Wait a minute. I think I see the very fossil of Noah’s first raven. No?


  5. Joel David Klenck 22 Nov 2011 at 12:24 pm

    Dear Jim, Bob, and others:

    The Ararat sites are actual archaeological sites. I verified them myself independently.

    The Ararat sites appear to have an archaeological assemblage from the Late Epipaleolithic Period. This I stated in my article.

    Soon, the research area will be consigned to a senior archaeologist by the Department of Antiquities in Ankara and the normal survey-excavation-report process will begin.

    As soon as academic journal articles are published, you can start taking pot shots at them like all other peer-reviewed journal articles.

    The crazy photo that they attached to my article, was not my photo and comprised a photograph of the Durupinar site, a natural geological feature.

    Yes, I wrote non-scholarly books because it was fun.

    I got they idea of Prof. Gordon Willey (Viru Valley, Peru) who at the close of his life wrote a murder-mystery novel and was toying with the idea of writing a book on Mayan prophecy.

    That I wanted to write for fun does not make archaeological sites on Mount Ararat a hoax.

    Other academic articles and site reports I wrote or cowrote are featured in

    This is not a conspiracy or fraud, just a research area that is well preserved and gives us additional insight into prehistory and archaeology.

    If it was not on Mount Ararat, everyone would celebrate. Because these sites are on Mount Ararat and connected to “Noah’s Ark” everyone is emotional.

    However, data triumphs over emotion.

    In addition, there is a criminal element that is attempting to discredit any archaeologist (Turkey, U.S. or other) that is encouraging archaeological research at these sites.

    The reason: Noah’s ark searches bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars from gullible people. As soon as the site becomes an official archaeological concern, most will be able to volunteer at an “ordinary” survey / excavation. Certain Noah’s ark guides and the search groups will lose a lot of money from erstwhile donors.

    As an archaeologist, the goal is to discern if the site is actual or a hoax. I have done this. The sites (large wood structure and cave) are real.

    It surprises me that so many went along with the majority instead of sharpening their Marshalltown and taking a closer look at the data.

    If you have any questions, just ask.

    Joel Klenck


  6. Dr. Amy L. Beam 24 Nov 2011 at 1:53 am

    Joel DAVID Klenck, no matter how much rubbish you write as if you are some scholar, you are still a liar. Yes, a liar. I will say it loud and clear from the summit of Mt. Ararat to the court room in Dogubayazit, Turkey. I will line up a lot of others to say it, too. I have posted only 3 minutes of you lieing on video, stating you never met Parasut and Clara Wei contrary to what you wrote in your journal that you met them in Sept 2010, and going on to state NAMI’s ark “is a fraud” and the first time you went to eastern Turkey was Sept 14, 2011, as my customer to climb Mount Ararat. So when did you do the exhaustive comparative analysis? In the dark after you slid down the gorge when going to the toilet? Readers can watch it here and PLEASE REMIX TO THEIR OWN CHANNEL, of course, until you whine to YouTube about invasion of privacy. I will repost it soon.

    I have over an hour of your interview on video. How will you explain yourself to the Court in Dogubayazit after making a sworn statement to the Turkish Jandarma on Sept 17, 2011, that you never went to NAMI or Parasut’s site, but now you are a world expert on it? And that garbage in your press release that you did a “comparative analysis” of the site, oh, Joel, really, you bring shame to Harvard. And oh, Joel, I do have a question. How are your book sales going? Those glowing book reviews you wrote yourself under fictitious pen names about your own books were very clever. I let the case worker in Washington State know you do have a job, afterall. Have you paid your child support payments yet? Are you having fun yet, Joel? Oh, sorry, you like to be called DAVID so no one can google who you really are.

    Now you are being very clever stating the “sites are real” NOT that there is Noah’s Ark up there. Are you trying to climb out of the hole you dug for yourself and NAMI?

    Dr. Amy L. Beam


  7. Joel David Klenck 27 Nov 2011 at 4:40 am

    Amy L. Beam, you are a criminal and are targeting anyone that is trying to support research at these important archaeological sites on Mount Ararat.

    The reason: Your tourism group, Murat Camping, receives hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from Noah’s ark search groups.

    Once the Ararat archaeological sites become official, your revenue will decline as people will be able to volunteer for an established survey and excavation or see the artifacts in museums or journal articles.

    You are attempting to prevent anyone from analyzing these sites because you do not want to lose money from people paying you ridiculous amounts of money to search for Noah’s ark.

    You are being investigated by the Turkish government for being an illegal worker, with no tourism permit and for tax evasion. You are being investigated by the U.S. government for tax evasion and your current mailing address is in Barbados. Furthermore, you are criminally harassing and defaming anyone who is supporting the research at these very important archaeological sites.

    You, your organization, and your followers have targeted Turkish scholars, Turkish government ministers, myself, Chinese and Kurdish explorers and magistrates, and anyone who has encouraged research at these archaeological sites.

    Murat Camping comprises a convicted murderer, Saim Sahin. You have admitted your guilt that you and Saim taped a hidden video of me trying to coerce from me the location of archaeological sites and more money, you posted my passport on the internet, you stole my money and equipment, you lied about and defamed me, and threatened to take me to the gendarmes if I did not tell you the location of the archaeological sites on Mount Ararat, reveal persons in the Chinese and Kurdish community that knew the sites’ locations, and give you thousands of dollars. I insisted that we go to the gendarmes rather than give in to your threats.

    In the end, you received a severe rebuke from the Turkish military police and were ordered to return my equipment. I gave you no information on the sites and you received no monies (other than a climbing fee).

    I refuse to be intimidated by the 63-year-old criminal mistress of a convicted murderer and their organization. The actions against you and Murat Camping are just beginning for your many crimes.

    In addition, you and your organization defamed Turkish government officials and scholars as they attempted to facilitate the research of actual archaeological sites. These statements will receive close scrutiny and a severe response.

    When the local Kurdish populations learn you and Murat Camping falsely stated these actual archaeological sites were hoaxes — which had the potential to bring hundreds of researchers and thousands of tourists to Dogubayazit these last two years — there will be retribution.

    Science will not be held back by intimidation or coercion.

    * * *

    In life, sometimes you have to take a stand for something that is right, despite the obstacles and persecution.

    The investigations of the Ararat sites by the archaeological community are just beginning. I am merely a scout for a division of scientists that will follow me.

    These sites are of tremendous archaeological merit and of great antiquity.

    I applaud the discoveries and the courage of the Turkish scholars and government ministers that have correctly defended the efficacy of these important archaeological sites and have supported this research.

    The research area on Mount Ararat comprises factual archaeological sites that will provide key insight to our knowledge of archaeology and prehistory.

    The analysis of these archaeological sites will create more interest in archaeology and prehistory in eastern Turkey, in an area recently impacted by terrible earthquakes.

    Dr. Joel David Klenck


  8. Dr. Amy L. Beam 30 Nov 2011 at 10:51 am

    Dear Jim, it is not nice not to let me have a rebuttal to Joel Klenck calling me a criminal! The worst of his liabelous lies is his statement that Saim Sahin is a murderer and I am his mistress. Both statements are absolutely false. Now Klenck is not only committing fraud but also liabel. I am business partners with Saim Sahin and a close family friend with Saim’s wife and children. This is a very harmful rumor for Joel to start. I think I will have to sue Joel for both fraud and liabel in Turkey. Please post this and I won’t bother you any more. Or did Joel send you a threatening letter, also? That’s his favorite tactic.


    • Jim 30 Nov 2011 at 11:05 am

      yeah you two clearly have history and i think it best if you discuss it elsewhere.


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