Good Samaritans

A church-going couple who were the first to come across Stephen Lawrence as he lay unconscious in the street prayed for him as he bled to death, a court has heard.

Ok fair enough, they prayed while they waited for the police or ambulance to arrive, which they called the moment they found the boy, right? Right.

Conor Taaffe and his wife Louise had just left a church prayer meeting when they saw Stephen and his friend Duwayne Brooks running along Well Hall Road. They saw Mr Lawrence fall to the ground and comforted him until the emergency services arrived. In a written statement read to the court Mr Taaffe said that he said a prayer aloud when he saw how serious the situation was. He said: “I put my right hand on his back and left hand on his head. I could feel he was still breathing as his back was going up and down. Stephen was unconscious. “I was praying over him in a whisper, I said things like ‘bless him Lord Jesus, heal him. Have mercy on him’.

Nice people in the news. What an oddity. Caring people. How refreshing. Thank God it wasn’t a pair from #occupy st. paul’s. They would have passed by on the other side of the street on their way to protest monetary inequality.

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