Mike McQueary Begs to Differ…

But now he’s claiming that he did in fact go to the police when he saw the boy raped by Sandusky.  So reports the Telegraph:

Mike McQueary, the coach at Penn State who is said to have witnessed Jerry Sandusky sexually abusing a young boy in a shower, has broken his silence, claiming that he did, in fact tell the police about what he saw. Mike McQueary’s comments, in an email made available to The Associated Press on Tuesday, appeared to add more confusion to a scandal that has enveloped the university and resulted in the firing of renowned head football coach Joe Paterno, the ousting of president Graham Spanier and charges of perjury against the athletic director and a senior vice president. McQueary, now the football team’s wide receivers coach, told a friend from Penn State that he made sure the 2002 shower assault he witnessed was stopped and went to the police about it. The friend made McQueary’s email, written Nov. 8, available to the AP.

Uh huh…

McQueary … wrote: “I did stop it, not physically … but made sure it was stopped when I left that locker room … I did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police …. no one can imagine my thoughts or wants to be in my shoes for those 30-45 seconds … trust me.” Added McQueary: “Do with this what you want … but I am getting hammered for handling this the right way … or what I thought at the time was right … I had to make tough impacting quick decisions.”

The right way would have been to walk over and grab the boy and leave with him. The wrong, the depraved, the wicked, the damnable thing to do was to leave without him. That’s inexcusable. McQ can try to evade guilt all he wishes but when he left without taking the young fellow with him, he became a partner to the crime.

And because the Bible is always relevant – let’s all remind ourselves of what James writes (in 4:17) – It is a sin when someone knows the right thing to do and doesn’t do it (CEB).

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3 thoughts on “Mike McQueary Begs to Differ…

  1. T.M. Law 16 Nov 2011 at 8:57 am

    Jim, but surely this is important if this indicates a police cover-up?


    • Jim 16 Nov 2011 at 10:37 am

      even if there were a cover-up that wouldn’t excuse him from leaving the boy there being molested.


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