Funeral Arrangements for Wilfred Lambert

Via Jack Sasson-

Service of remembrance and thanks: 2 pm on Friday 25th November at the Christadelphian Hall, 43 Ridgacre Road, Quinton, Birmingham B32 2TL (opposite Quinborne library).

Cremation: 3.30 pm at the crematorium in Lodge Hill Cemetery, Weoley Park Road, Birmingham B29 5AA (entrance at junction with Weoley Avenue, Gibbins Road and Shenley Fields Road).

Refreshments: afterwards, at the Christadelphian Hall. (Those who don’t want to go to the crematorium are welcome to stay at the Hall.) Donations (instead of flowers) to: Tony Watkins, 93 Moat Road, Oldbury B68 8ED, UK. (Please make cheques payable to West Birmingham Christadelphian Ecclesia and write W.G.L. on the back.)

Bibi Netanyahu Thinks He’s Judas Maccabeus

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition has been accused of trying to turn Israel into a “dictatorship” after it introduced legislation to tame senior judges and human rights groups opposed to its settlement construction policies.

The good people of Israel need to boot him and his party from power while they still can. Pretty soon he’ll declare himself king and lord and strip the citizens of all their rights.

Members of the Kadima, the principal opposition party, waved black flags to mourn the “death of democracy” after Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, passed two bills that will tilt the balance of the country’s Supreme Court sharply to the right. The legislators involved in the protest had their flags confiscated before being expelled from the Knesset’s chamber at the orders of the speaker. The passage of the bills has prompted outrage among many Israeli politicians who see them as an assault on the independence of the judiciary, one that would undermine the country’s cherished democratic foundations. Tzipi Livni, the leader of the opposition, accused Mr Netanyahu of an “attempt to transform Israeli into a type of dictatorship,” while her Kadima party claimed that the legislation represented the “gravest” challenge to democracy since the establishment of the state in 1948.

Bibi is the world’s most dangerous man. He’s a danger to the Middle East; he’s an enemy of peace; and he’s a danger to his own people. George Bush was a better person and a better leader than Bibi.

Why Are the Occupy L.A. People Treating the Homeless as Inferiors?

Occupy L.A. is camped out on the front lawn of City Hall in Los Angeles. A large number of homeless people are also camped there, causing the group to divide into sections on the lawn. The homeless are in an area referred to as Skid Row. The part-time protesters are in an area called Westwood, after a nice part of town.

Ironic, isn’t it?  Occupy is supposed to be all about equality but in L.A. the truth is out in the camp: the homeless aren’t worth associating with so far as the Occupiers are concerned.

If they really believed in their cause they’d give the homeless folk a key to their house.

Putting the ‘Mar’ in Mary: Pamela Anderson Wants to Be Mary in a Christmas Special

[Insert outraged projectile vomiting here at the thought of Miss X Rated Video portraying ANY Biblical person except Rahab the Street Whore].

When you think of actresses who should play the Virgin Mary, one name immediately rises to the top of the list: Pamela Anderson. Yes, Anderson — sex tape legend and rocker of “Baywatch” swimsuits — will indeed play the mother of the baby Jesus in an upcoming Christmas special. Before you consult your Bible to determine whether you grossly misread the description of the Virgin Mary, take note of one important detail, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter: Anderson will play the role in a comedy sketch on the Canadian TV show “A Russell Peters Christmas Special.” The tongue-in-cheek re-creation of the Nativity scene will air as part of the show, to be broadcast up north on CTV and the Comedy Network.

[Insert here disdainful glare overflowing with contempt for both the concept and the notion that Canada has anything remotely describable as ‘comedy’].

From the Cambridge ‘Cairo Genizah Research Unit’

This fun snippet

If you haven’t read the story of the Giblew twins (who alerted Schechter to the potential of the Cairo Genizah, amongst other things), then you should. It’s worth it for bits such as this: ‘They discovered the upper texts concerning female saints had been copied out and signed by John, the Recluse of Beth Mari… This martyrology was, according to Agnes, “of a very racy nature” … [and] included the “virtuous acts” of “Pelagia, the harlot of Antioch” […] and the “martyrdom of Theodota, the Harlot”. […] Agnes concluded that they threw “a curious light on the monastic life at its prime. They have apparently been well read, perhaps by generations of Sinai monks, if we may judge from the thumb-stained margins”.’

Theodota the Harlot! Now there’s an awesome Saint’s name!

The State of Archaeological Research at Qumran

The State of the Archaeological Debate at Qumran, by Robert R. Cargill appears in the newest edition of Currents in Biblical Research 2011;10 101-118.

Dr. Robert R. Cargill speaking about the Dead ...

This article surveys the present state of archaeological research at Qumran. The article first examines those explorers who came to Qumran prior to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and interpreted the site without the influence of the scrolls. It then examines how the interpretation of the site changed following the discovery of the scrolls and the excavation of the site by Roland de Vaux. The article then offers a survey of recent contributions by those who excavated the site after de Vaux, as well as contributions made by those whose scholarship has influenced the interpretation of Qumran despite not having excavated there. The article concludes with a discussion of why the interpretation of Qumran weighs so heavily on our understanding of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

If Bob wrote it you should read it if you can.

Peter Mullen Needs to Learn Hebrew and Greek

Peter Mullen writes, among many other things,

The translation of the Psalms in the Book of Common Prayer is by Miles Coverdale and he renders the Hebrew, “O let thine ears consider well …” The NJB gives this as “Listen attentively Yahweh”. But is that the way to speak to God? What more is there to be said when we notice that the NJB renders “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity” as “Sheer futility. Everything is futile.” That phrase will serve as the motto for all the modern translations: “Sheer futility”.

Mullen needs to learn Hebrew and Greek.  And if he already knows them, he needs to repent of his fawning idolatry concerning the KJV.  Peter may not know it, but the KJV didn’t fall from heaven.  Though to hear him tell it, you would expect that it did.

If Peter is so concerned with sensible readings (that is, readings that make sense to people) he should consider the fact that no one walks the streets speaking 1769 English anymore (alas, yes, Peter cites one of the revisions and updatings of the KJV and not the 1611 version whatsoever).

Mullen must be running for President of the KJV Only club.  If only it were the 1611 version I could have respect for his opinion as at least consistent.  But licking the boots of a version which was revised numerous times whilst demonizing modern revisions is idiotic.

[Thanks to Daniel Stoddart on G+ for the article tip]

Farewell, Baptist Times

We will miss you.

The Baptist Times is to close after 156 years of continuous weekly print publication. Its website is to close too.  Bill Johnston, chairman of the board of directors, said the weekly title will cease publication at the end of 2011.  But a special edition will be published in January 2012 to celebrate the paper’s history and the contribution it has made to the life of the Baptist church.  He explained that the church could no longer afford to fund the paper “due to falling circulation and the difficulties of selling advertising space.”

Another sign of the times.

Creepy Teacher, Creepy

 Lexington County School District Three is investigating after a first-grader complained about having to rub her teacher’s feet.  A district spokesperson said the district has launched a full investigation, appropriate action has been taken and the situation has been rectified. But that’s not nearly enough for some parents.  “She admitted to the children rubbing her feet,” said Brenda Norris. “Just the thought of it… They immediately sent her home, but she’s back there today.”  Norris is far from satisfied after her six-year-old granddaughter in first grade came home from Batesburg-Leesville Primary School last Wednesday to say she was “tired of rubbing her teacher’s feet.”

This teacher should definitely win the creepy teacher of the year award.