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    • i received hate mail that had nothing to do with your comment. what, you aren’t the only one with feelings on the subject. don’t be paranoid.

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  2. Jim. You are backtracking.

    You say:

    “I got a bit of ‘hate mail’ the other day because I was supporting (in a previous post) the Christ at the Checkpoint project (which my emailer described as a racist and anti-semitic project).”

    They are the words I used to describe the project. I wrote to you:

    “It is both racist & antisemitic, see here: http://seismicshock.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/antisemitism-and-christ-at-the-checkpoint-2012.pdf

    As these were my words, what differentiated the “hate mail” you received, from my message?

    If someone stated they hate you, or said something violent towards you or others, that is different from correctly calling out the Checkpoint conference as racist and antisemitic – which it is.

    • gosh you really are both paranoid and a bit egocentric! email claiming the same thing you accused me of arrived the other day. i didn’t save it or i’d pass it along so you and your soul mate could enjoy it.

  3. “i didn’t save it or i’d pass it along so you and your soul mate could enjoy it.”

    Of course you didn’t!

    How convenient :)

    • so not only do you imagine the whole world revolves around you, you also think you’re capable of knowing something you can’t possibly. i think we’re done. have a happy fundamentalist life supporting israel as a christian zionist heretic.

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