If You Live in Britain, Watch the Heretical Christian Zionists Handed their Hat in a Live Debate

Stephen Sizer

How can I be certain that the proponent of Christianity will be victorious over the heretical CZ-anist? Simple- the facts always prevail in honest debate.

Tonight: 9 – 10:30pm (GMT – Weds 9th Nov) is the much anticipated showdown between Dr Calvin Smith – the leading Christian Zionist scholar in the UK – and Revd Stephen Sizer – the foremost Christian anti-Zionist in the UK.  For links from this blog giving you some background information on Stephen Sizer: click here, and for a blog post written by Calvin Smith addressing Sizer, that I featured on this blog back in February 2010: click here.  The debate can be viewed live on Revelation TV and will be held in front of a studio audience in London – wish I were attending!

Me too. But maybe they’ll put it on YouTube. Tell us if they do!

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