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This Is Very Upsetting and Unsettling…

And I won’t be able to sleep tonight knowing that this is how Doug Iverson abuses his books. I’m distraught.  I need to call Book Protective Services.  Barbarism. Look at that!  Look at the disheveled-ness…  I can’t take this… I. … Continue reading

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People Need to Get a Grip: Jeremy Clarkson Wasn’t Serious!

The world really has lost its mind.  Anyone who has watched two or more episodes of the fantastic series Top Gear knows that Jeremy Clarkson is Mr Sarcastic.  He’s funny and witty and clever and he smarts off all the … Continue reading

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The Hebrew Bible’s ‘Hebrew-ness’

Alan Levenson has an essay in Bible and Interpretation folk might like to read titled The Modern Doctrine of the Hebrew Bible’s Hebrew-ness. Intrigued, aren’t you?  I can tell. As well you should be. It includes An Oxford Don from … Continue reading

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Ok Now I’m Really Terrified… The November Biblical Studies Carnival (LXIX) is Up…

Because it’s already December in New Zealand and that’s where the Remnants of Giants are stationed. [I’ve not read the Carnival yet but I will, as soon as I can get the nerve to…]    OK I’ve read it now … Continue reading

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What? I Could Win a Free Trip on Delta???

From Delta’s Facebook page- We are itching to give away a trip so if we hit 20k fans by 11/30 we are going to giveaway a trip anywhere in the US or Canada, if we hit 23k fans someone will … Continue reading

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Via Steve Bremner on the G+ Indeed- the ones I keep to myself could peel paint off walls and put Satan to wetting himself.

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Even Gingrich Thinks Fox News is Uninformed

Via Newser While at a town hall event in South Carolina last night, the GOP contender was asked about whether, as president, he would support funding for certain HIV/AIDS treatments. “What you said is information that’s new to me, I … Continue reading

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I Love You Too, New Zealand! (Now Ask Your Tourism Department to Fly Me Down!)

If you do, I’ll blog the entire trip.  Think of it- more publicity than you could ever get running a commercial for a LOT less money!  It’s a win – win! 😉

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A Manual For Ministry to the Sick and Dying

Or more accurately and thoroughly- Bericht der Krancken : Wie man by den krancken und sterbenden Menschen handlen, ouch wie sich ein yeder in siner Kranckheit schicken und zum Sterben rüsten sölle / kurtzer und einfaltiger Bericht Heinrychen Bullingers, so … Continue reading

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Snow on the Hills…

I’m glad it only snowed above us on the hills last night.  A few hundred feet lower and we’d be in the bowels of Satan.

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The 2012 Wheaton Theology Conference

All the details of the Bonhoeffer, Christ and Culture Conference are here.  If you’re a Bonhoeffer-ian you might want to go.  Personally I never really cared for his theology.  Too whiny.  Plus plotting to murder someone, even a horrible someone… … Continue reading

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Allan Bevere on the ‘Cancel Church on Christmas Day’ Question

And Allan, being way nicer than me, actually poses it in the form of a question- asking readers to offer their views about whether churches ought to cancel worship services on Christmas Day when Christmas falls on Sunday (as it … Continue reading

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Same Sex Couples Have No Right to Marry

Before you get all up in my face for that headline (even though I agree), your issue is with the Jewish theologian David Novak who writes, among other things, Two questions are central to this debate. First, why is there … Continue reading

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Tweet of the Day from Britain

MetPoliceCO11 Metropolitan Police — We’re on strike today. Please feel free to give yourself a cool name, dress up in spandex and solve your own crimes. Nicely played!

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Suing the Victim

Criminals…. A convicted kidnapper who is serving an 11-year sentence claimed in a lawsuit that the couple he took hostage breached an oral agreement in which they had agreed to hide him from police for an unspecified amount of money. … Continue reading

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Why Are So Many Texas Politicians Ignorant?

At a town hall meeting at the Institute of Politics at New Hampshire’s Saint Anselm’s College Tuesday, Rick Perry asked that all of the college students in the crowd who will be 21 by Nov. 12 support his bid for … Continue reading

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The Best Football Flop Ever

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37% of Churches Will Have No Services Christmas Morning and Evening

Via Out of Ur– The folks at Lifeway have just released numbers from a survey they did among 1,000 Protestant pastors. They were asked, “Christmas and New Year’s Day both fall on Sunday this year. As a result, does your … Continue reading

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Iceland Leads the Way

Iceland’s parliament voted on Tuesday in favor of recognizing the Palestinian Territories as an independent state, the first Western European country to do so according Iceland’s foreign minister. The measure passed symbolically on the United Nation’s annual day of solidarity … Continue reading

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Santa, That’s So Disappointing…

Santa needs rappelling lessons!

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