It’s Hard to Find Quality Cars Made in America

Result of a serious automobile accident.

Pretty much what GM makes and sells for New

It’s the sad tale of a dear friend who bought a car at Cadillac of Knoxville…  It’s a beautiful (looking) car and he was excited about it as you can well imagine.

The car was supposed to be delivered on a Wednesday a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t.  It wasn’t delivered until Saturday of that week after numerous calls questioning the delay.

Having it exactly one week, he drove it to Church today and wouldn’t you know- along the way the transmission started acting oddly, not shifting properly.

On the way home after Church things got worse.  It made a tremendous racket and sounds as though the rear end is going to drop out completely.

Why can’t American manufacturers  (I’m looking at you, GM) make anything worth driving and why can’t their dealers provide quality service?  Cars cost a lot of money.  You don’t expect them to be utter rubbish right off the lot.  Why has America become the land filled with lazy and uncommitted employees who don’t really care if they do good work or not?

It’s sad.  American products used to be the best in the world and now most of them are complete trash.  No wonder the economy is in the toilet.

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