The Death of Zwingli According to J. Scott

He appears to have been first beaten to the ground by a stone, and afterwards on rising, or attempting to rise, to have been repeatedly thrown down, and trodden upon by the crowd. At length he received a wound in the throat from a spear, which he supposed to be mortal; when sinking down on his knees he exclaimed, “Is this to be esteemed a calamity? They can kill the body, but the soul they cannot touch.” When the soldiers came to strip the slain, he was found yet alive, lying on his back, with his hands clasped together, and his eyes lifted up to heaven. He was asked if he wished a confessor to be sent for; then if he would invoke the virgin: and, on his declining both, he was instantly despatched. When the body was discovered to be that of Zwingli, it was condemned, by a military tribunal, to be cut in quarters and then burned to ashes: which barbarous but impotent sentence, with other indignities, was accordingly carried into execution.  – John Scott

And here are a some photos of the place- and me- there-


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