More on Those Violent Amish Beard/Hair Hackers…

The leader of an Amish group with members accused of going into the home of another Amish man and cutting his hair and beard said today it’s a religious matter and police shouldn’t be involved.  Sam Mullet said he didn’t order the hair-cutting but didn’t stop two of his sons and another man from carrying it out last week on a 74-year-old man in his home in rural eastern Ohio.  Mullet, 66, said the goal was to send a message to Amish in Holmes County that they should be ashamed of themselves for the way they were treating Mullet and his community.

I love that his name is Mullet and he’s all about the hair regulations….  Irony…  And I love even more that he sees these innovators as trying to shove their hair down people’s throats….

“They changed the rulings of our church here, and they’re trying to force their way down our throat, make us do like they want us to do, and we’re not going to do that,” Mullet said outside his house on the outskirts of Bergholz, a village of about 700 residents.

I’m sorry- it’s just so bizarre and surreal and funny!

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