Teach Your Child a ‘Password’: It Could Save Their Life

Parents are on alert after an attempted kidnapping this week at a private school in West Knoxville.  It happened Monday afternoon on the campus of Christian Academy of Knoxville.  Police say a middle school student waiting to be picked up after football practice was approached by a man in a pickup truck who told him that his Dad sent him to pick him up.

The young boy’s reaction may have saved his life. …  School officials say the boy stayed calm and asked the stranger for a code word.  “In this case the kid happened to look up, notice he was there. What’s the code word? The gentleman had no clue and you know, it saved the kid’s life probably,” said Officer Lori Banks.  Police say having a code word is important, but it shouldn’t stop there. Let kids know that a bad person may try to gain their trust.

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