Exactly How Ignorant is Michelle Bachmann?

This ignorant?

Michelle Bachmann yesterday on Arab Spring: “Barack Obama has laid the table for an Arab Spring by demonstrating weakness.”

What is she talking about?  How did Obama ‘lay the table’ for Arab uprisings against oppressive governments?  And if he did, how did he do it by ‘demonstrating weakness’?????  How ignorant is Michelle Bachmann, and even more importantly, how ignorant are her supporters?

Via the Twitter of Chuck Todd.

6 thoughts on “Exactly How Ignorant is Michelle Bachmann?

  1. Bachmann is crazy, ignorant, stupid, vapid, shrill, annoying, dangerous, and outrageous all rolled into one. If you think her statements on the Middle East are [editorial removed profanity], check out her recent claim that Hezbollah is about to put missiles in Cuba! She says something ridiculous each and every day. The press needs to shame this insane, brain dead woman to the point where she is run out of Washington. Its becoming too shameful!


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