And The Big Loser of the Week Award Goes To… Mark Bradford

The 46 year old man who tracked down the little kid who ‘killed’ him in Call of Duty… and attacked him…   And no, you can’t make this kind of stupidity up.

Mark Bradford, 46, admitted he ‘just lost it’ after a 13-year-old player gunned-down his character then proceeded to mock him over the microphones used in the game Call Of Duty: Black Ops.  Jobless father of three Bradford confronted the youngster at an address in Plymouth, Devon (UK), and started to strangle him.  The attack only ended when the teenager’s horrified mother pulled Bradford off the boy then he left without any explanation.  The teenager’s mother said: “It’s pathetic that a grown man would attack a defenceless child like this.  “If you can’t handle losing to a child then you shouldn’t be playing games.”  Bradford admitted the attack was ‘moment of madness’ as the child ‘would not shut up’.

Mr Bradford, you, sir, are the biggest Loser I’ve ever heard of.  You should be forced by law to have a big fat red L tattooed to your forehead so everywhere you go people know your character.

8 thoughts on “And The Big Loser of the Week Award Goes To… Mark Bradford

  1. Wow, a ‘moment of madness’… looking up an address and driving there and confrontng someone is not a ‘moment’… that someone could get this worked up over a video game simply boggles the mind regardless of what the child said. I believe the phrase ‘get a life’ applies here.


  2. Jail time is certainly not out of the question. Assault is, you know, a crime.

    I also think that his name should be memorialized. From here on, I declare that “to pull a Mark Bradford” is to do something so hopelessly pathetic as to rival this story.


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