Erasmus of Rotterdam

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I’ve just discovered that many of the works of Erasmus of Rotterdam are being made available by Logos quite soon.

The Desiderius Erasmus Collection (17 vols.) contains all of Erasmus’ major works and more. In Praise of Folly, one of Erasmus’ best-known books, is considered one of the most notable works of the Renaissance humanists. Against War and The Complaint of Peace still hold their own as some of the best Christian anti-violence literature written. The Colloquies of Erasmus is satire at its finest—funny, inspiring, rich with knowledge, poignant, captivating, and entertaining. And Francis Morgan Nichols’ 3-volume anthology of Erasmus’ letters show the depth and compassion of a man who’s influence would change the world forever.

The Desiderius Erasmus Collection (17 vols.) also includes Erasmus’ Proverbs Chiefly Taken from the Adagia of Erasmus, and Education of a Christian Prince, considered by many to be the antitheses to Machiavelli’s The Prince.

Quite useful indeed.  Just FYI.

Erasmus, by the way, like all the best thinkers, was smart enough to go to Switzerland.  He lived in Basel for a time and you can actually visit the building he called home.  Unsurprisingly, it’s a bookstore now (or at least it was a few years ago when I was last there).

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  1. doug 30 Sep 2011 at 11:30 am

    i am surprised he actual lived as long as he did. What with “i buy books and if I have any money left over, food” business. lol


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