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Comparing and Contrasting Protestant and Catholic Preaching

In 1529 the artist Gerog Pencz (who didn’t believe in much of anything) produced a woodcut titled Zweierley predig which sets side by side the chief points of Evangelical and Catholic proclamation.  Click to enlarge fully so the script is … Continue reading

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Erasmus of Rotterdam

I’ve just discovered that many of the works of Erasmus of Rotterdam are being made available by Logos quite soon. The Desiderius Erasmus Collection (17 vols.) contains all of Erasmus’ major works and more. In Praise of Folly, one of … Continue reading

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Satan in the Flesh: The Photo


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Well That’s Unpleasant: America’s Version of the Black Death

These are the people who build the machines our soldiers fly from sea to shining sea and beyond? FBI agents raided a military helicopter factory outside Philadelphia Thursday morning and arrested three dozen people for the illegal distribution and attempted … Continue reading

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Are Buffalo Bills Fans Jerks or Just Neanderthals?

I ask because it’s hard to tell. Jennifer Gish, a sports columnist for the Albany Times-Union, received hundreds of sexist messages — one of which told her to “stay in the kitchen next time” — after writing about the hopelessness … Continue reading

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The ‘Sacraments’ Do Not Confer Grace

As the Consensus Tigurinus rightly declares- Article 17. The Sacraments Do Not Confer Grace. By this doctrine is overthrown that fiction of the sophists which teaches that the sacraments confer grace on all who do not interpose the obstacle of … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

They should allow bullfighting in the United States. Only instead of bulls they use Rush Limbaugh. – Rainn Wilson

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Convert to Islam or Die

Please, speak out against this unutterable cruelty.  Go here, sign the petition.  Let the Iranians know that decent people won’t stand by while a Christian Pastor is murdered because he refuses to convert to Islam.

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And Without Repentance Too!

I kipped this from my new friend Eric Gregory. and without repentance too!

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The Southern Baptist Convention Is Considering a Name Change

So, I’d like to follow suit and consider a name-change for myself so that I, like the SBC, can become more attractive and appealing to the ‘Emergent’ movement (which is, thank God, fading even as I type into the oblivion … Continue reading

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Another Book Giveaway: Reading Scripture with the Reformers

Would you like a copy of Timothy George’s delightful Reading Scripture with the Reformers?  This time the contest is an easy one: 1- Tell me in comments why you want the book. 2- Link to the contest. The contest ends … Continue reading

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Consensus Tigurinus

With many thanks to Peter Opitz for sending a copy of this for my collection: 1549 einigten sich Heinrich Bullinger und Johannes Calvin auf eine gemeinsame Abendmahlslehre. Sie unterzeichneten in Zürich eine entsprechende Übereinkunft: den Consensus Tigurinus. Diese Einigung zwischen … Continue reading

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From the Archives of Zwingliana: A Satirical Examination of the Life of Zwingli, Based on Strauss’s ‘Leben Jesu’

Though brief (only three pages) this little gem is more than worth reading. It describes a booklet which pokes fun at Zwingli and Strauss and observes Der ungenannte Verfasser betitelt sein Werk „Das Leben Ulrich Zwingli’s historisch-kritisch beleuchtet von einem … Continue reading

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A Teacher in California Docks Student Grades if they Say ‘God Bless You’

He says it isn’t for ‘religious’ reasons…  sure it isn’t. When Taylor McGinley sneezed in her health class at Will C. Wood High School a few weeks ago a student replied with “God, bless you,” but it’s what teacher Steven … Continue reading

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Zwingli’s First Mass

Huldrych Zwingli was ordained a priest and celebrated his first Mass on the 29th of September, 1506, at his home town of Wildhaus.  He would serve that Church and the Church at Glarus (where the first stirrings of Reform would … Continue reading

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