The Hanan Eshel Memorial Volume

10,000 thanks to Aren for mentioning this:

Maeir, A. M., Magness, J., and Schiffman, L. H., eds. In press (2011). ‘Go Out and Study the Land’ (Judges 18:2): Archaeological, Historical and Textual Studies in Honor of Hanan Eshel. Supplement to the Journal for the Study of Judaism 148. Leiden: Brill.

This volume is a collection of studies by good friends of the late Hanan Eshel (z”l), which were presented to him before his untimely death, and have now been gathered together in a volume in his memory (note that we left the title [“In Honor”] as Hanan had seen it before he passed away).  We have been promised that the volume will be out in November, 2011, in time for the SBL meeting, and we, the editors, are planning to present the volume to Esti, Hanan’s widow, at the SBL meeting.

Here’s the:

Dan B. Barag, Alexander Jannaeus – Priest and King

Albert I. Baumgarten, Herod’s Eagle

Esther G. Chazon, The Classification of 4Q505: Daily or Festival Prayers?

Lisbeth S. Fried, The Artaxerxes Correspondence of Ezra 4, Nehemiah’s Wall, and Persian Provincial Administration

Betsy Halpern-Amaru, Protection from Birds in the Book of Jubilees

Menahem Kister, Ancient Material in Pirqe de-Rabbi Eliezer: Basilides, Qumran, the Book of Jubilees

Armin Lange, The Covenant with the Levites (Jer 33:21) in the Proto-Masoretic Text of Jeremiah in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Jodi Magness, Disposing of the Dead: An Illustration of the Intersection of Archaeology and Text

Vered Noam, Josephus and Early Halakhah: The Exclusion of Impure Persons from Holy Precincts

Ze’ev Safrai, An Elusive Sadducean Dispute, with an appendix by Cecilia Meir

Lawrence H. Schiffman, On the Edge of the Diaspora: Jews in the Dead Sea Region in the First Two Centuries C.E.

Brian Schultz, Re-Imagining the Eschatological War – 4Q285/11Q14

Daniel R. Schwartz, Mattathias’ Final Speech (1 Maccabees 2): From Religious Zeal to Simonide Propaganda

Itzick Shai, David-Ben-Shlomo and Aren M. Maeir, Late Iron Age Judean Cooking Pots with Impressed Handles: A New Class of Stamped Impressions from the Kingdom of Judah

Michael E. Stone, The Names of the Rivers

Loren T. Stuckenbruck and Ted M. Erho, The Book of Enoch and the Ethiopian Manuscript Tradition: New Data

Joan E. Taylor, Buried Manuscripts and Empty Tombs: The Qumran Genizah Theory Revisited

Eibert J.C. Tigchelaar, Gleanings from the Plates of Unidentified Fragments: Two PAM 43.674 Identifications (4Q365 and 4Q416)

Emanuel Tov, Eclectic Text Editions of Hebrew Scripture

Shani Tzoref, 4Q252: Listenwissenschaft and Covenantal Patriarchal Blessings

James C. VanderKam, The Common Ownership of Property in Essene Communities

Boaz Zissu and Emanuel Gass, The Identification of Biblical Achzib at µirbet ‘ön el-Kizbe in the Judean Shephelah, and the Origins of Shimon Bar Kokhba

It’s going to sell for $196 (oh Brill, why do you do these things?)  It’s a volume I’d love to have.  Maybe they’ll off a good discount at SBL.  Otherwise…

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