Martin Luther: On Scott Bailey

Luther writes, in his commentary on Psalm 101-

A spirit speaks out of a fool: “If I have done it, then, if it be God’s will, I have not done it—neither I nor you nor my brother nor my brother-in-law. That disgraceful Nobody has done it. He does every wicked deed and yet gets off scot-free, unpunished by any law or authority. So it is in every government, whether it be great or small, with the exception of the government of either Master Hans or the devil, if God wants to give it into their hands.” To my great amazement, they know where to find that rascal Nobody, as Solomon frequently preaches and warns in his Proverbs.

I’m not sure what Luther is on about either, but the fact that he names Scott (with one t- orthography in the 16th century wasn’t fixed) in the context of the devil is proof enough of Scot’s connection to the evil one.

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