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This HAS Got to be a Spoof. NO ONE is that Stupid

No one can be this idiotic and still manage to walk upright.

Linda Harvey, the founder of Mission America, says that LGBT people don’t exist. She made the comments during her weekend broadcast while she was attacking the Gay, Lesbian, And Straight Education Network.  Harvey was particularly perturbed by the GLSEN Sports Program which works towards “creating and maintaining an athletic and physical education climate that is based on the core principles of respect, safety and equal access for all students, teachers and coaches regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.  Harvey believes there is no need for such a program because according to her, there is no proof that LGBT people exist.

That has to be a joke.  It has to be.  Via Joel W. on the FB, who insists it’s on the up-and-up.

Martin Luther: On Scott Bailey

Luther writes, in his commentary on Psalm 101-

A spirit speaks out of a fool: “If I have done it, then, if it be God’s will, I have not done it—neither I nor you nor my brother nor my brother-in-law. That disgraceful Nobody has done it. He does every wicked deed and yet gets off scot-free, unpunished by any law or authority. So it is in every government, whether it be great or small, with the exception of the government of either Master Hans or the devil, if God wants to give it into their hands.” To my great amazement, they know where to find that rascal Nobody, as Solomon frequently preaches and warns in his Proverbs.

I’m not sure what Luther is on about either, but the fact that he names Scott (with one t- orthography in the 16th century wasn’t fixed) in the context of the devil is proof enough of Scot’s connection to the evil one.

Hell Itself Looks on in Horror…


A love triangle involving a minister, his son and the mistress they shared ended with one woman dead — and the trio facing murder charges.

Tracy Bernard Burleson, a 44-year-old Houston pastor, is facing capital murder charges for the 2010 slaying of his wife, Pauletta Burleson. The pastor’s wife was shot execution style in the back of the head while sitting in the family’s garage, allegedly by her stepson, William Fuller, according to ABC13.

Fuller, who is also charged with murder, insists his father hired him to commit the killing, the Houston Chronicle reports.

But it’s much more complicated than that.

It seems both the pastor and his son were in love with the same woman, 32-year-old Tyonne Palmer.

Fuller had previously been living with Palmer, who was taking care of him after he was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. However investigators have uncovered evidence indicating she was actually dating both Fuller and Burleson at the same time.

Hell stands aghast, it’s mouth wide open in shocked wonderment at the complete depravity of these ‘people’.

My Favorite Irish Farmer

As a singer who is never knowingly overdressed, Rihanna has no shortage of male fans. But when she chose to shoot her latest video on a farm in Northern Ireland, she found one man immune to her charms. Farmer Alan Graham, 61, was so shocked to see the singer in his barley field wearing a red bikini that he pulled up his tractor, objected to her “inappropriate state of undress” and called a swift halt to proceedings. While a meeting with Rihanna would be the stuff of dreams for most red-blooded males, Mr Graham instructed her to brush up on her Bible reading before sending her on her way. “If someone wants to borrow my field and things become inappropriate, then I say, ‘Enough is enough’,” he explained yesterday. “I wish no ill will against Rihanna and her friends. Perhaps they could acquaint themselves with a greater God.”

Good for you Mr Graham, good for you!  The perfect sign for him to put up on his farm would be ‘Godless Skanks Keep Out!

Clemson’s Sad #Fail

Christians in Iran

Because I Love You

I want you to listen to this fantastic (and probably little known) operatic overture: Ascanio in Alba.

Total Depravity: The Old Lady in a Wheelchair Edition

Satan's sister

A 53-year-old man was allegedly killed when his 96-year-old aunt that he feared allegedly shot him with a .357 handgun.  Amanda Rice Stevenson, the suspected murderer, was wheelchair-bound in her appearance before a St. Augustine, Fla. court judge on Monday where she was arraigned for allegedly killing her nephew Johnny Rice, The St. Augustine Record .  Rice’s wife found his body blocking the door to their bedroom on Saturday night. Police said he was shot in the chest while he lay in bed.  A neighbor and co-worker told The Record that he lived in fear of his aunt, but let her move in with him and his wife this year, because no one else would take her.

No wonder no one else wanted her.  She must be one hateful, hate filled shrew.

The Hanan Eshel Memorial Volume

10,000 thanks to Aren for mentioning this:

Maeir, A. M., Magness, J., and Schiffman, L. H., eds. In press (2011). ‘Go Out and Study the Land’ (Judges 18:2): Archaeological, Historical and Textual Studies in Honor of Hanan Eshel. Supplement to the Journal for the Study of Judaism 148. Leiden: Brill.

This volume is a collection of studies by good friends of the late Hanan Eshel (z”l), which were presented to him before his untimely death, and have now been gathered together in a volume in his memory (note that we left the title [“In Honor”] as Hanan had seen it before he passed away).  We have been promised that the volume will be out in November, 2011, in time for the SBL meeting, and we, the editors, are planning to present the volume to Esti, Hanan’s widow, at the SBL meeting.

Here’s the:

Dan B. Barag, Alexander Jannaeus – Priest and King

Albert I. Baumgarten, Herod’s Eagle

Esther G. Chazon, The Classification of 4Q505: Daily or Festival Prayers?

Lisbeth S. Fried, The Artaxerxes Correspondence of Ezra 4, Nehemiah’s Wall, and Persian Provincial Administration

Betsy Halpern-Amaru, Protection from Birds in the Book of Jubilees

Menahem Kister, Ancient Material in Pirqe de-Rabbi Eliezer: Basilides, Qumran, the Book of Jubilees

Armin Lange, The Covenant with the Levites (Jer 33:21) in the Proto-Masoretic Text of Jeremiah in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Jodi Magness, Disposing of the Dead: An Illustration of the Intersection of Archaeology and Text

Vered Noam, Josephus and Early Halakhah: The Exclusion of Impure Persons from Holy Precincts

Ze’ev Safrai, An Elusive Sadducean Dispute, with an appendix by Cecilia Meir

Lawrence H. Schiffman, On the Edge of the Diaspora: Jews in the Dead Sea Region in the First Two Centuries C.E.

Brian Schultz, Re-Imagining the Eschatological War – 4Q285/11Q14

Daniel R. Schwartz, Mattathias’ Final Speech (1 Maccabees 2): From Religious Zeal to Simonide Propaganda

Itzick Shai, David-Ben-Shlomo and Aren M. Maeir, Late Iron Age Judean Cooking Pots with Impressed Handles: A New Class of Stamped Impressions from the Kingdom of Judah

Michael E. Stone, The Names of the Rivers

Loren T. Stuckenbruck and Ted M. Erho, The Book of Enoch and the Ethiopian Manuscript Tradition: New Data

Joan E. Taylor, Buried Manuscripts and Empty Tombs: The Qumran Genizah Theory Revisited

Eibert J.C. Tigchelaar, Gleanings from the Plates of Unidentified Fragments: Two PAM 43.674 Identifications (4Q365 and 4Q416)

Emanuel Tov, Eclectic Text Editions of Hebrew Scripture

Shani Tzoref, 4Q252: Listenwissenschaft and Covenantal Patriarchal Blessings

James C. VanderKam, The Common Ownership of Property in Essene Communities

Boaz Zissu and Emanuel Gass, The Identification of Biblical Achzib at µirbet ‘ön el-Kizbe in the Judean Shephelah, and the Origins of Shimon Bar Kokhba

It’s going to sell for $196 (oh Brill, why do you do these things?)  It’s a volume I’d love to have.  Maybe they’ll off a good discount at SBL.  Otherwise…

Israel Announces Still More Immoral and Illegal Expansions

Commenting on today’s announcement by the Government of Israel on settlement advancement, the Foreign Secretary said:   “I condemn today’s news that the Government of Israel is advancing plans for 780 new settlement housing units, with an option of an additional 600 units in the East Jerusalem settlement of Mordot Gilo.  This is a time when all parties should be striving to return to talks and responding to the Quartet statement call to refrain from provocative actions.  Settlement expansion is illegal under international law, corrodes trust and undermines the basic principle of land for peace.  We call on the Government of Israel to revoke this decision.”

We all condemn this continuing flaunting of international law and the egregious and malignant acquiescent silence of the United States government.  At least the British government has sense.  Shame on the Israeli government and shame, shame, shame on the Obama administration for sitting by in servile silence while it happens.

The Antichrist Revealed!

there he is, standing next to Jesus, trying to be all sincere...

We know who he is right now.  Never before has – on earth – walked a more wicked and depraved evil-doer.  The antichrist has been revealed to you today.  Know him!

From the Archives of Zwingliana

Zwingli und Luther in ihren sozialen Handlungsfeldern von JOACHIM ROGGE is a fine essay which has as it’s goal the examination of a number of important questions-

Was wußten die beiden schon voneinander ? Was hatten sie voneinander gelesen ? Wie stark war die für uns heute noch konstatierbare Bereitschaft, aufeinander zu hören ? Luther hat bekanntlich außerhalb seiner Horizonte kaum Freunde gesucht und sich schon gar nicht Mühe gegeben, auf Grund lehrmäßiger Übereinstimmungen evangelische Koalitionen irgendwelcher Art in die Wege zu leiten. Seine nächsten Freunde hatten es in dieser Sache schwer mit ihm. Das sehr allmähliche Zustandekommen der Wittenberger Konkordie 1536 ist eine Signatur dafür.

Enjoy. (Unless your name is Marc or Scott, in which case, since your minds are already set in anti-Christian stone on the subject, it won’t do you any good anyway). ;-p

More Buddhist Misconduct

A 13-year-old girl suffocated after she was strapped down and doused with water by her father and a monk who were trying to expel an “evil spirit”, Japanese police said Tuesday.


Fifty-six-year-old monk Kazuaki Kinoshita and the girl’s 50-year-old father Atsushi Maishigi were accused of what police described as “waterfall service”: strapping the victim Tomomi Maishigi to a chair and dousing her face with water. News reports said the two men poured water over her as an “exorcism” with the father holding the girl down while the monk chanted sutras.

Waterboarding (basically) a child to death. Classy.  Maybe US forces should call it exorcism the next time they waterboard a prisoner…

A Friend Had a Dryer Fire…

Fortunately all is well- here’s the dryer and the washer.  And yes, they keep the lint filter clean- it just overheated with a load of towels.  No one was hurt and the house wasn’t damaged (thankfully the machines are kept in the garage).

Remove the Cross From the Swiss Flag Just Because Muslim Immigrants Don’t Like It? NEIN!!!!

Flag of Switzerland

The Flag of Switzerland

What idiocy to even suggest such a preposterous thing.

An immigrant group based in Bern has called for the emblematic white cross to be removed from the Swiss national flag because as a Christian symbol it “no longer corresponds to today’s multicultural Switzerland.”

Ivica Petrusic, the vice president of Second@s Plus, a lobbying group that represents mostly Muslim second-generation foreigners in Switzerland (who colloquially are known as secondos) says the group will launch a nationwide campaign in October to ask Swiss citizens to consider adopting a flag that is less offensive to Muslim immigrants.

In a September 18 interview with the Swiss newspaper Aargauer Zeitung, Petrusic said the cross has a Christian background and while the Christian roots of Switzerland should be respected, “it is necessary to separate church and state” because “Switzerland today has a great religious and cultural diversity. One has to ask if the State wants to continue building up a symbol in which many people no longer believe.”

In the interview, Petrusic said Switzerland needs new symbols with which everyone, including non-Christians, can identify. As an alternative to the current Swiss flag (see image here), Petrusic proposed the former flag of the Helvetic Republic (see image here) which was officially introduced in 1799 and consisted of green, red and yellow colors. “Those colors are similar to the current flags of Bolivia and Ghana and would represent a more progressive and open-minded Switzerland,” Petrusic said.

The proposal to change the Swiss flag has been met with outrage across the political spectrum and is sure to fuel anti-immigrant sentiments in Switzerland.

What stupidity.

Stefan Brupbacher, general secretary of the libertarian Free Democrats (FDP) said: “This is utter nonsense. The Swiss cross is an extremely successful and valuable global brand. It is a symbol of success and quality. We will tightly hold on to it, out of love for Switzerland.”

Indeed. Anyone who doesn’t like it should leave the country rather than demand change in what doesn’t need to be changed and what shouldn’t be changed anyway.


‘Noah’s Ark’ – The Facebook Game…

No, I’m not making that up

Oliver Steffen – «Noah’s Ark» ist ein Strategie- und Aufbauspiel im Stil des berühmteren Farmville. Der Spieler hat die Übersicht über Noahs Haus, Stall und Feld. Auf Knopfdruck lässt er den Knecht pflügen, säen, ernten, Holz spalten, Tiere anlocken, domestizieren und füttern – Das Spiel erfordert diszipliniertes Haushalten mit Geld, Manna (Energie) und Nahrungsmittel – jede Arbeit kostet Mannapunkte, das Füttern der Tiere verbraucht Nahrungsmittel. Nutztiere bringen Geld, das wiederum in Saatgut, Vorratstöpfe und Dekorationen investiert wird.

Play on….

Win a Copy of the Reformation Commentary on Scripture: Galatians, Ephesians

It’s just come out and I’m going to send you a copy if you win the contest.

And what’s the contest?  Oh it’s really quite simple and utterly capricious, as will be the judging (which will be handled by me and me alone.  Here’s how to win:

1- Post a link to this contest on your blog (no link, no chance you’ll win).

2- Post a link to the link above (to the IVP site) on your blog (and again, no link, no chance).

3- Tell me in 100  words in comments below why you believe Zwingli to be the greatest of all the Reformers (and believe me, if you aren’t completely sincere and utterly honest I’ll know it and there’s no chance you’ll win).

The contest will run till October 11 (and extra points if you know why that date is significant).

Let the games begin…

Fun Facts from Church History

When Spain entered the new world it frequently ‘converted’ entire tribes of natives by forcing them to march into rivers and declaring them ‘baptized’.

Hey, that’s the way Emergents do it today, except they bribe people into their ‘sanctuaries’ with money and a coffee kiosk and wretched music and then declare them ‘Christians’.

Bad Teacher

A teacher who threatened to place a special needs pupil under a voodoo curse as a form of punishment and called another “Pepsi Max” has been banned from the classroom. Roslyn Holloway, who taught at the Lord Silkin Trust School in Telford, Shrops, threatened to use the bizarre ritual to drown the unnamed student if he didn’t stop misbehaving in class. In a series of other incidents, the special educational needs teacher tore the hair out of a pupil’s skull after he did not stop talking in class while she also engaged in sexual-based conversation with another.

She’s not just a loon, she’s a perv.  And why is it that it’s always the unattractive ‘Cougars’ who hit on kids?

A Handy Chart for Interpreting Other Denominations

I have to admit, the Reformed view of other denominations is pretty much right on the mark.

via El Shaddai Edwards on G+