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A Display of Bibles: From Gutenberg to Luther

In Meersburg:

Die Faszination früher Bibeldrucke mit der originalen Stuttgarter Gutenbergbibel von 1454 und weiteren Schätzen aus der Württembergischen Landesbibliothek Stuttgart können Gäste der Bibelgalerie noch bis Sonntag, 9. Oktober, erleben.

Surely if you’re in the area you’ll want to pay them a visit.

In the US, Religious People are More Engaged in Social Causes

It’s very clear from the American data collected by Robert Putnam and collaborators that religious believers – of any sort – join more than unbelievers. They don’t just go to church more than unbelievers (duh), they give more money and more time to social causes. Even the Tea Party, repulsive and insane as it appears, must be admired as a fantastic feat of social mobilisation, unequalled by anything on the left. So it seems clear that believers make more active citizens, whether for good or evil, in the US.

Because, like it or not, religious people are doers, not just talkers.  The problem with so many people outside religious circles is that all they do is talk.  They have meetings and talk and then they talk about their meetings and they just don’t do much of anything.  Unless, of course, it’s to march for the rights of persons of questionable ethics.

Anyway, the inactive could learn something from the religious: blabbering on about something won’t get anything done.

And the Moral is, Don’t Internet Date

Because if you do, this is the kind of creepy person you might discover:

Creepy McCreeperson

A Chicago man was ordered held without bond Sunday on charges that he imprisoned and physically abused his girlfriend for 10 weeks, the Chicago Tribune reported.  Sir Wilfred Camaligan, 22, corresponded with the 20-year-old woman over Facebook, and she moved into his home in Chicago’s Jefferson Park in July after they met in person at an anime convention.  Police said Camaligan held the woman against her will at his home from July 15 until Friday, when she escaped.  He allegedly beat her with a stick and a crowbar, choked her, forced her to cut herself and kneel on rice, cut her hands and cut an “X” into her chest.

Weird name, bad hair, violent disposition, evil and depraved heart.  That’s what’s behind the ‘find a guy on the internet’ door.  Ladies, is that what you want?