More ‘Lawyers are Creepy People’ News

A lawyer for the New York state attorney general’s office has been suspended after the New York Post inquired about word that she was leading a double life as an S&M dominatrix.  Alisha Smith, 36, had been working as a prosecutor by day and as a paid performer for fetish events in her free time, the Post reports it learned from a source active in New York’s fetish world. The office suspended Smith after the Post inquired about her extracurricular activities.Smith has been suspended without pay, effective immediately, pending an internal investigation, the Post quoted an unnamed spokesman for state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as saying.

Two words, Ms Smith, cree-py.  This is the sort of behavior one expects from Pentebabbleist preachers, mega-church pastors, Ted Haggards, and Catholic Priests, not lawyers.   [Filed under the ‘people are messed up’ category of breaking news].

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