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Utah is Weird

As though all the sister-wives weren’t strange enough, now there are Utah runners-in-undies

Thousands of people stripped to their underwear and ran through Salt Lake City to protest what they called the “uptight” laws of Utah. Undie Run organizer Nate Porter says the goal of the event Saturday was to organize people frustrated by the conservative nature of state politics. Nudity was prohibited by organizers. Participants donned bras, panties, nightgowns, swimwear or colorful boxer shorts – and some added political messages by expressing support for causes like gay marriage on their chests, backs or legs.


So anyway, I’d like to organize a bibliobloggers-in-their-undies run through the streets of San Francisco. Can’t you just see Joel Watts and Mark Goodacre and Christian Brady and Madeleine Flannagan and Steve Caruso parading through town… Imagine the publicity! Their blogs might even crack the 100,000 Alexa ranking!

Even the Nigerians Know the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ is Theological Rubbish

If only Americans were that smart.

Lord, deliver your sheep from the wolves seeking to devour them dressed in clerical garb and pimping a false gospel born in the very pits of hell and spread by servants of Satan.

More Death in the Somalia of the Western Hemisphere, Mexico

Prosecutors in Mexico say the decapitated body of a woman found in the northern city of Nuevo Laredo on Saturday is that of a newspaper editor. The body of Maria Elizabeth Macias, the editor of Primera Hora newspaper, was found next to a threatening message. The police said the message had been left by a criminal gang. Two weeks ago, the bodies of a man and a woman were hung from a bridge with a message warning people not to report drug violence on social networks.

What insane barbarism. Mexico: avoid it or put your very life in danger.  But because American drug abusers are the ultimate cause of all this murder, every person caught with illegal drugs should be deported to Mexico.  This would ensure that drugs stop flowing into America as those Americans who use them could buy them directly from the source.

Calvin: An Observation on the Papacy

Now then let the Papists, in order to extenuate their vices as much as possible, deny, if they can, that the state of religion is as much vitiated and corrupted with them as it was in the kingdom of Israel under Jeroboam. They have a grosser idolatry, and in doctrine are not one whit more pure; rather, perhaps, they are even still more impure.   — John Calvin

You may not agree with Calvin (and these days, on this, who could?) but you always know exactly what he thinks.  And that’s a virtue widely lost among theologians of the present.

[PS- I read this and immediately thought of Jeremy Thompson.  I don’t know why].

Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

I’m actually kind of sad about this one- Chris was about an hour away and he didn’t even stop by to say hello.  That’s hurtful.  Anyway, on to his latest escapades:

White Pine police have a man in custody who they say took pictures of women while hiding in bathroom stalls.  Police say 60 year-old David Ray Light of Morristown Chris Tilling of London entered the Pilot Travel Center off Interstate 81 at exit 4 sometime on Friday before noon.  They say reports were made that a man entered the women’s bathroom and hid in the bathroom stalls.  Witnesses say he tried taking photographs or videos with his cell phone. Witnesses also say he left in a red jeep wrangler.

That’s just nasty.

Bad, Bad,Very Bad Archaeology…

Via Bob

An article on Bad Archaeology makes some good points about some recent archaeological claims:

“Biblical archaeology” is in “scare quotes” because it’s a highly problematical concept, but more of that later. What I want to address first is what ought to be a first principle for anyone reading about claims for discoveries that are supposedly to the Bible (Hebrew or Christian) or any religious text, for that matter. It’s this:

If a discovery confirms your pre-held religious beliefs, then it’s wishful thinking at best and even more likely to be a fraud.


Why I am not ‘Pro-Israel’

Don’t jump to conclusions.  Instead, read this essay.  I agree with it in sum and substance and since I do, there’s no use in reinventing the wheel.  Especially honest, incredibly engaging, and perfectly Christian is this genuinely insightful piece, only a small portion of which I excerpt below:

On the Palestinian/Israeli issue, both sides of the boundaries of debate are narrowly focused with Israel in the middle. Israel has been granted a free hall pass from the mass media. They get to roam freely through the halls, knock over lockers, and punch the principle in the face. After all that the media provides a nice frame that places responsibility and moral obligation on the other, or if it’s really bad you just never hear about it. Events such as:

– The expulsion of 700,000 Palestinians from their homes to create the State of Israel in 1948. This horrific event that not only forced 700,000 Palestinians to be homeless but involved numerous mass murderers and rapes, is now celebrated as Israel’s independence day.

The Lavon Affair, an Israeli terrorist attack on U.S. facilities and other public places in Egypt in 1954.

– The 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty ship, which killed 34 U.S. Navy men

The Deir Yassin Massacre: 250 defenseless Palestinians were slaughtered, including more than 100 women and children by the Irgun Tsvai Leumi, a Zionist terrorists organization led by Menachem Begin. The same Begin who would be the Israeli Prime Minister in 1977.

The 1946 bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem that killed 91 people carried out by the LEHI (the Stern Group) led by Yitzhak Shamir, the same Shamir who would be the Israeli Prime Minister in 1986.

The Sabra and Shatila massacre of 1982: Where the Phalangist, a Lebanese Christian militia, raped, tortured, and murdered 700-800 innocent civilians in a refugee camp. The Israeli Defense Force authorized and provided protection for this operation. http://www.countercurrents.org/pa-fisk180903.htm

The 29,000 children who required medical treatment from being beaten by IDF soldiers during the First Intifada (1987-1991). One-third sustained broken bones, and one-third were aged 10 and under.

The 1996 massacre in Qana: Israel bombed a UNIFIL base killing 106 civilians who were seeking shelter from the Israeli operation “Grapes of Wrath.”

– The 23- year old American women who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in 2003.

Operation Summer Rain of 2006, An Israeli attack on Gaza where collateral damage totaled to 100 civilians, including 44 children.

– The civilian casualties from the Israel-Hezbollah war of 2006, 43 Israeli’s & 1,109 Lebanese civilians.

– The civilian casualties from the 2009 Israeli attack on Gaza, 9 Israeli’s & 1,417 Palestinians, including 313 children. You probably saw these last two in the media, but they framed it just right where these civilians were accepted as necessary collateral damage. “Israel had to make a tough decision and its unfortunate that these civilians had to die.” The only problem with this thinking is the numerous testimonies by Israeli soldiers who explained the horrific acts they were ordered to carry out. You can find those testimonies here: http://www.breakingthesilence.org.il/testimonies/database

Go, read the whole.  I think if you do you’ll come to the conclusion that you can’t be blindly ‘pro-Israel’ too.

More Stupidity From the British Government

Are you a Christian who owns a Christian themed cafe? Well don’t display the bible, it will offend the community

Police have requested that a cafe owner in Blackpool – Jamie Murray, Salt & Light Coffee House – stop displaying Bible texts on a video screen, because it breaches public order laws. Apparently the police told him that displaying offensive or insulting words is a breach of Section 5 of the Public Order Act, and that the Biblical texts contravened this. It seems that police were alerted to this heinous ‘crime’ following a complaint about “insulting” and “homophobic” material.

That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a good while. Good grief.  Not only does Britain have some really stupid TV shows (yes, Dr Who, I mean you), it has some of the stupidest laws anywhere.

Rowan Atkinson: What he Thinks of the Church of England’s Clerics

Speaking in an exclusive interview for The Times, the actor and comedian, who has played many clerics in his career, suggested they deserved to be mocked. But Christians have reacted angrily to those comments, describing them as “stereotypical” and unjustified. “I used to think that the vicars that I played or the exaggerated sketches about clerics were unreasonable satires on well meaning individuals,” Mr Atkinson said in the interview. “But, actually, so many of the clerics that I’ve met, particularly the Church of England clerics, are people of such extraordinary smugness and arrogance and conceitedness who are extraordinarily presumptuous about the significance of their position in society. “Increasingly, I believe that all the mud that Richard Curtis and I threw at them through endless sketches that we’ve done is more than deserved.”

I think Atkinson’s bits on Clerics are hilarious.  I can’t see why any of them would feel offended.  Still, my favorite Vicar is the Good Vicar…


Quote of the Day

I consider looseness with words no less of a defect than looseness of the bowels. –  John Calvin

Creationism Explained

In a piece in the Guardian.  Read it at your own peril.