More Anti-Palestinian Strong Arming

This is sad.  A Rabbi cries foul and an entire Museum shivers, canceling an exhibition of Palestinian children’s art simply because the Rabbi thought it biased.

An exhibition of drawings and paintings created by Palestinian children scheduled to open Sept 24 at Oakland’s Museum of Children’s Art has been canceled.  The show, which was to run until Nov. 13, included harrowing images of bloodshed and loss during the Israeli bombing of Gaza, known as Operation Cast Lead, which began in 2008. In one drawing, a little girl with a bandage on her head stares out from behind prison bars. In another, tanks roll through a burning town as women wail and children weep.

These and other artwork created by Palestinian children ages 6-14 were to have been included in “A Child’s View of Gaza,” which was to open with a day of cartooning workshops and poetry readings.  Hilmon Sorey, chairman of MOCHA’s board of directors wrote in a statement that while the museum supports art that fosters “insight and understanding,” an exhibit of art about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was “not appropriate for an open gallery accessible by all children.”  The museum has previously shown art created by children during conflict, including images depicting the 2003 invasion of Iraq.  And it hasn’t shied away from exploring violence in Oakland. But Sorey said in an interview that the board felt the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is too divisive an issue.

But because of some deep-seated bias against Palestinians, and fear of backlash from Israeli partisans, once again the Palestinians are marginalized.  The museum should hang its head in shame.

However, the exhibition’s organizers have moved the show out to the sidewalk.  So if you’re in Oakland, go see it.

In Oakland, California, an exhibition of artwork by children in Gaza which was supposed to open on Saturday has been cancelled after pressure from pro-Israel organisations. But tomorrow, organizers will show the artwork outside the museum instead. FSRN’s George Lavender reports.

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