I Guess the Christian Zionists are Liars

The heretics and misrepresenters of biblical theology known as ‘christian zionists’  keep insisting that America must support Israel if it wishes to be blessed.

America is supporting Israel (to the exclusion and harm of countless others) and yet the economy is in the toilet, fear rules Wall Street, and even the beloved far right politicos are sticking their feet under toilet stalls at airports and looking for a hook-up.

I guess the Christian Zionists are liars.  And worse, they’re misrepresenting God.


One thought on “I Guess the Christian Zionists are Liars

  1. barbara singer 23 Sep 2011 at 1:56 pm

    Yes Jim due to Cyrus Scofields reference bible (likely financed by Zionists) you can hardly find a conservative seminary led by the mighty Dallas Theological Seminary that does not teach this bull


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