Evil Always Excuses Itself

So it’s no surprise that the family that let a boy die in the squalor of grossness are attempting to excuse itself-

The family of a Berwyn, Illinois teenager who was found dead in a squalid home filled with over 200 animals defended their animal hoarding in an interview with a Chicago television station this week.

Though Lydia Price, the 47-year-old mother who was charged with criminal abuse and neglect of a disabled person and endangerment of a child, has yet to respond to the accusations, her 77-year-old mother, Barbara told CBS 2 the days since the death of 14-year-old Matthew Degner have been “horrid.”

“We’ve had not time for grief for Matthew with all the assaults and falsifications,” Barbara said.

A sheriff’s spokesman said the west suburban home where Degner was found was one of the most “horrific and disgusting environments” their animal control officers had ever been in. The house contained 212 animals including birds flying freely throughout the house, dozens of cats, dogs, rabbits, squirrels, a raccoon, two monkeys and two kinkajous — many of the animals surrounded by feces.

According to the coroner the boy died because of the conditions in which he was forced to live.  They murdered him because they cared more for their pets.  That’s evil.

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