One Racist Rabbi

According to [Rabbi Dov] Lior, every time Israel tries to “please the villain,” its status in the world suffers.  He went on to slam the Israeli Left. “There are circles of villains seeking to give away parts of this land to our enemies. Luckily, God Almighty causes the camel riders to refuse to meet with the government…  “There are leftists fighting the people of Israel’s return to their land… They have put the public to sleep with opium of peace… The Hollywood culture and singing in discotheques will not do good, but bad.”  The rabbi referred to the Arabs as “wolves”, adding: “What we have with those villains and savages is not peace, and it won’t be peace. It’s against their nature. They hate peace.”   He [said that] Israel should be cleared of Arabs, who should be given a right of return to places like Saudi Arabia. “The Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel only,” he ruled.

How is this Israeli one whit different from the radical muslims and the fred phelps-ian pseudo christians?  Does this guy have more than a handful of supporters?  If so, that speaks poorly of many.

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One thought on “One Racist Rabbi

  1. somerville61 21 Sep 2011 at 10:19 am

    Unfortunately it does appear the likes of Rabbi Dov Lior are at this time a dominant force in Israeli politics. This does not bode well for the region.

    News from last week

    An alliance between the two most powerful nations in the region is not good news for the likes of Rabbi Lior.

    The Turkish government has stated it will send naval vessels to accompany the supply ships the next time a humanitarian flotilla is sent to Gaza.


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