Say No Mr Abbas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Monday for direct peace negotiations with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, to be started in New York and continued in Jerusalem and Ramallah.

“Unilateral measures are not the way to advance peace between us,” Netanyahu said, referring to an Abbas plan to submit a member application for a state of Palestine to the United Nations Security Council on Friday.

It is not clear whether the Palestinian leader has responded to Netanyahu’s call for talks.

Just say no.  Bibi wanted it all unilateral all the time till now- for his country.  Now that Palestinians are on the verge of proving to the entire world that the entire world thinks they should be the recognized government of a Palestinian State (except of course for the spineless US Congress and Whitehouse and their Israeli masters), then carry through.

The US might veto the petition in the security council, but it will only thereby prove itself out of touch with the rest of humanity.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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2 Responses to Say No Mr Abbas

  1. Jim – You are so naive

    I will strongly advise you not to visit Gaza of the Palestinian state
    They don’t realy like Americans !

    They were dancing on the roofs on 9th 11

    Jim – You are so naive


  2. arenmaeir says:

    That is, you’ll have to excuse me, a stupid response, partly due to the fact that if violence and bloodshed breaks out over here, you are comfortably 8000 miles away. Any negotiations, even if they start in what seems a dead end, are better than unilateral moves from either side. And most importantly, since both sides agree that there should be a Palestinian state and the current situation is due (inter alia) to lack of agreement on in the context of what process should it be created (for example, should its creation be part of the negotiations within the context of the give and take from both sides) , hoping for no talking is a rather dangerous prospect.
    I am very far from agreeing with Netanyahu’s current policies and actions, but the Palestinian refusal to negotiate in the last year or so is just as much to blame for the current situation as his clumsy actions (or lack thereof).


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