Perseus Classics Collection from Logos

Logos is making available the massive Perseus Classics Collection (of 1,114 volumes), for free.  And it will be available on the 30th of September.  They’ve been nice enough to make the collection available for me to take a look at a bit ahead of time and I have a few things to show you.

But first, let me point out that the entire collection is a 1.07 GB download, so you’ll need both sufficient memory on your computer and a bit better than dial-up.  You’ll also need the latest version of Logos Bible Software.

Second, once you download it (which is easy enough to do- once you ‘pre-order’ it when it’s available for you to download you’ll just open your Logos program and it will begin to download.  And if for some reason it doesn’t, you can just type ‘update now’ in the ‘command bar’ of your Logos software and the download will commence) you’ll be overwhelmed at the amount of material at your fingertips.

Once you get it installed you can search volumes by author or title:

And the entire collection takes 22 pages to list on the home page of the Logos software:

There’s a lifetime of reading here.  A lifetime and more.  My particular interest in these volumes, though, is the inclusion of the Duke Papyri.  What a useful collection this is.

So now rather than getting online and searching for resources, or traveling to Leipzig or Berlin or London to examine materials that were formerly accessible only by very few, you can simply open Logos and utilize some of the most important books ever produced.

You can easily search the Duky Papyri by simply selecting the materials from the search function:

Among the texts you can examine are such things as the ostraka in the collection of the Royal Ontario Museum:

And of course the best thing is the ease with which you can search phrases or words.  For instance:

Highlight (it’s in blue) the word and right click to search the entire library.  The hits open on the right.  Then you need only expand the list by volume and there you have it.  Here’s another example:

So, supposing you want to see how some Greek word is used outside the New Testament and you don’t trust the feckless dilettante down the road who tells you that the word you want is never used outside Paul, just pick the word that piques your interest, highlight it, go to the search function and select the Duke papyri collection, and paste the word in question:


So, very, useful.  Good research requires, doesn’t it, source materials.  Too much scholarship is based on references to works that are references to works that are references to works.  Length of bibliography doesn’t guarantee accuracy, however, as sometimes mistakes are simply canonized by constant repetition.  With these tools at hand, authentic research can be done.

This collection is just simply an invaluable tool.  And it’s all free!  What’s not to like?  Thanks, Logos, for making all this available is such a useful, and searchable, format.

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