Avoiding Adultery

Portrait of Martin Luther as an Augustinian Monk


Martin Luther, always worth reading for his simplicity and clarity of thought, writes, concerning temptation to marital infidelity,

The strongest defense [against adultery] is prayer and the word of God. When evil lust begins to stir, a man must flee to prayer, call upon God’s grace and help, read the gospel and meditate on it, and thereby behold the sufferings of Christ. Psalm 137[:9] says, “Blessed is he who seizes the young of Babylon and dashes them on the rock.” This means when the heart runs to the Lord Christ with its evil thoughts while they are still young and in their infancy. For Christ is a rock on which these thoughts are dashed to pieces and come to naught.  — Martin Luther.

That’s good advice for every married man.  If it’s not taken, don’t be surprised if you jump right into the thick of depravity.