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And This Week’s Dilly Goes To…

The guy on Twitter who claims to be one of the ‘two witnesses of the book of Revelations’ (sic!), who warns me that the mark of the beast is here… ‘Thanks’ for the ‘warning’, one of the two ‘witnesses’ of … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

‘… Christians are always in danger of reducing their full commitment to God through Christ and of allowing themselves to be seized by things of lesser value.’ — J.M. Nützel.

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I Only Make $400,000…

You should feel sorry for me and not talk about raising my taxes.  That, at least, seems to be the sentiment of one of our beloved Congressmen…  John Fleming by name- “By the time I feed my family, I have … Continue reading

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Say No Mr Abbas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Monday for direct peace negotiations with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, to be started in New York and continued in Jerusalem and Ramallah. “Unilateral measures are not the way to advance peace between us,” Netanyahu … Continue reading

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A New Milik Biography

From ane-2 I would like to inform members of a newly published book on the legendary Jozef Milik, entitled ‘Doyen of the Dead Sea Scrolls – An in depth biography of Jozef Tadeusz Milik (1922-2006)‘, co-authored by Zdzislaw J. Kapera … Continue reading

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Welsh Bafflement

The head of the Evangelical Alliance Wales has hit out at a call by leading academics to ban the teaching of creationism or intelligent design in state funded schools. Naturalist Sir David Attenborough and atheist Prof Richard Dawkins are among … Continue reading

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The Emergent ‘Church’ Finds a New Way to Entice Newcomers…

Because, seriously, what says emergent religion quite as well as sticking one’s head in a toilet… Most people would only put their head down a toilet basin if they were overcome with the need to vomit. But now those searching … Continue reading

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The Devil…

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Perseus Classics Collection from Logos

Logos is making available the massive Perseus Classics Collection (of 1,114 volumes), for free.  And it will be available on the 30th of September.  They’ve been nice enough to make the collection available for me to take a look at … Continue reading

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Atheist? Agnostic? You Just Might be Autistic

Frankly, that would explain rather a lot. Historically the study of religious belief was as far from the purview of cognitive science as any topic in human behavior could be. This has changed over the last decade as cognitive science … Continue reading

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Calvin: On Condeming Sin in General and Sinning in Particular

John Calvin brilliantly observes That homicide, putting the case in the abstract, is an evil, no man will deny; and yet one who is conspiring the death of his enemy deliberates on it as if the thing was good. The … Continue reading

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Avoiding Adultery

Martin Luther, always worth reading for his simplicity and clarity of thought, writes, concerning temptation to marital infidelity, The strongest defense [against adultery] is prayer and the word of God. When evil lust begins to stir, a man must flee … Continue reading

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Theodore Beza: Why it’s Right to Punish Heretics

Here’s a fun fact from the history of the Church: Theodore Beza, the faithful aid of Calvin, took up his pen against the anonymous sceptics of Basel [who had written a book on religious tolerance], and defended the right and … Continue reading

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People Are More Likely to Believe ‘The DaVinci Code’ than the Bible When they Are Worried about Dying…

Because, if I might be uncharacteristically blunt, such people are stupid beyond words.  Antonio remarks Sarà… Io ho paura della morte – come tutti, credo – ma sono agli antipodi delle cospirazioni alla Baigent, Leigh e Lincoln (più che alla … Continue reading

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The Fire of the Word: Meeting God on Holy Ground

A forthcoming (January 2012) volume by IVP Academic is thusly described by the Publisher: The Bible has the astounding power to transform lives. The stories of people like Francis of Assisi, Antony of Egypt, Augustine of Hippo, Martin Luther and … Continue reading

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Where Will NASA’s Defunct Satellite Hit?

Oh that’s an easy one really- it’s going to break apart and a lot of it will burn up and the remainder of large chunks will fall into the sea… except for one big piece that’s going to land right … Continue reading

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The Florida Gunman Who Shot Two in Church

A man shot and injured the pastor and associate pastor of a central Florida church on Sunday after killing another person at a home nearby, police said. Witnesses said 57-year-old Jeremiah Fogel ran through the front door of the Greater … Continue reading

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If You’re Attending SBL This Announcement is for You

Via Konrad Schmid on Facebook- The Faculties of Theology and Religious Study of the Universities of Basel, Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, and Zurich, warmly welcome you to swissnex San Francisco for an evening of thriving ambiance with excellent food and … Continue reading

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