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The Dead Sea Scrolls Road Show Hits New York

So the New York Times

A new exhibition of more than 500 ancient artifacts from Israel — including 20 of the Dead Sea Scrolls, four of which have never been made available for public viewing — is set to make its world premiere on Oct. 28 at Discovery Times Square in Manhattan, the producers announced. Ten scrolls at a time will be displayed in “Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Biblical Times,” which has been assembled by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

If you’re in the tri-states go see it!

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Hunting Christians

Violent persecution against Christians continues in Somalia, and one Christian watchdog group thinks Islamic extremists are to blame.

The latest incident took place in Hudur City, where Jonathan Racho of International Christian Concern (ICC) reports that “Islamic radicals kidnapped a Christian brother and then beheaded him. His decapitated body was discovered.”

Racho believes Islamic extremists from al-Shabaab, which has ties to al-Qaeda, are responsible for the murder. But this is not the first time the extremists have done something like this, he says.

“Members of the Islamic radical group al-Shabaab have made their intentions very clear that they want to get rid of Christians in Somalia,” Racho notes. Juma Nuradin Kamil is the latest martyr for Christ in the country over which al-Shabaab holds much control.


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It’s Too Late Bibi, The Palestinians Aren’t Interested in More ‘Compromises’ (Read, Delaying Tactics)

And so you shouldn’t be surprised that they won’t take the bait.

Faced with a possible recognition of an independent Palestinian state later this week, Quartet officials, including Mideast envoy Tony Blair, labor to draft a statement that would send Israel and the Palestinian Authority back to the negotiations table.

The quartet should have sang their tune years ago. Now the entire world will see the song for what it is, a lip synced version of an old and tired Netanyahu tune that no one wants to hear again.

The time for delays has passed.  Only one course of action is acceptable and even possible.

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Jimmy Carter is Absolutely Right About This

Former President Jimmy Carter is urging the U.S. to not veto the U.N. Security Council vote for Palestinian statehood anticipated to take place next week.

“If I were president, I’d be very glad to see the Palestinians have a nation recognized by the United Nations,” Carter tells Guy Raz, host of weekends on All Things Considered. “There’s no downside to it.”

Almost no downside, anyway. Carter admits that for President Obama, failure to veto “would have some adverse effects, perhaps, on his political future.”

But it’s a price worth paying, he says. President Truman backed the creation of Israel for moral reasons, Carter points out, against the advice of his inner circle. Today, Palestinian statehood is “a basic moral commitment” for the U.S.

A basic moral commitment.  That nails it perfectly.  Support for a Palestinian state is the ONLY moral course.  Thank you Mr Carter for speaking truth.


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How to Start Your Own Successful Mega-Church

Step by step:

1- Lie to people and tell them you’re a Christian.

2- Convince gullible old women to mortgage their homes and donate the money to your ‘ministry’.

3- Surround yourself with ‘christians’ who know less about the bible, church history, and theology than you do.

4- Adopt shady and manipulative strategies to ‘grow’ your ‘church’.

5- Do something extremely bizarre to garner public attention, like have live animals in the service or cancel worship for the Super Bowl or Christmas or have a ‘rasslin’ match on the altar.  Anything at all that has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity will work here.

6- Toss out the Bible and start talking about the Spirit’s speaking to you directly and without the medium of Scripture.

And finally

7- Insist on your congregation’s unswerving and unquestioning allegiance.

If you follow those 7 steps, you will have a mega ‘church’.  There are no mega-churches outside of these 7 steps.

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That’s A Stupid Idea

I love Britain but I sure don’t understand their coddling of convicts.

Prisoners could soon have telephones fitted inside their cells, the Ministry of Justice has said. It said it was considering a trial, at one jail, which would allow calls to be made in cells rather than on communal phones on landings. Officials are concerned about growing numbers of mobile phones being smuggled into prisons. Harry Fletcher, of the National Association of Probation Officers, said the scheme would need tight controls.

That’s just crazy. They don’t want phones smuggled in so they want to put phones in cells…  where cons can arrange drug deals, have enemies murdered, and carry on their business at taxpayer expense.  Lunacy.

Putting phones in cells to stop smuggling of phones is like giving free crack to crack whores and asking them to stop using crack.

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Shot in Church

CNN reports

One person died Sunday when a gunman in Polk County, Florida, shot one person at a residence and then shot two others at a church, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said.  It was not immediately clear which of the victims had died.

No further details are presently available.  And still many have not yet had enough gun violence.

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Peaceful Peacemaking

Via Bob

If you’ve ever asked the question, “Where is the Palestinian Gandhi? Why aren’t Palestinians using non-violent means to achieve peace in Israel/Palestine?,” here is your answer: They are. The media simply aren’t covering it, and neither the Israeli or Palestinian (nor the US) governments want to recognize it because they are too busy ramping up their military theater actors to look good for the thirsty media, play to their fundamentalist bases, a … Read More

via XKV8R: The Official Blog of Dr. Robert R. Cargill

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Clergy Same-sex Union in Ireland

But of course it’s an Anglican, Stephen. It had to be that or a Unitarian.

First Clergy Same-sex Union for Ireland - It's Anglican, of Course... A ‘Very Reverend’ Dean in the Church of Ireland has decided to enter into a civil union with his boyfriend: First printed in The Church of England Newspaper. The Dean of Leighlin Cathedral in the Diocese of Cashel & Ossory has become the first serving Church of Ireland clergyman to enter a same-sex civil partnership in the Republic of Ireland. The public announcement of the Dean’s same-sex civil partnership and his Bishop’s apparent support f … Read More

via Fr Stephen’s Blog

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The Book of Job in 1 Minute

First, Job loses everything because the satan and God have a debate (Job 1-2).  Then, Job curses the day of his birth and wishes he had died then (Job 3).  Next, Job’s friends tell him it’s clearly all his fault and Job says nuh-uh (Job 4-37).  Afterwords, God shows up and tells Job that he (Job) and his friends don’t know what they’re talking about (Job 38-41).  And finally, Job tells God that he (God) is right (Job 42).


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Move to Ireland

They pay (some) academics there a LOT of money!   And I thought Ireland was suffering financial woes.  Pish-Posh, they’re rolling in it.

Some 191 Irish academics in third-level colleges are on fat-cat salaries in excess of €150,000, with three earning over €250,000, the Sunday Independent can reveal.  For the first time, the full extent of the hefty salaries across all third-level colleges has emerged.

According to official figures released by the Department of Education and obtained by this newspaper, in total 91 professors and lecturers are currently being paid between €150,000 and €200,000; a further 97 are being paid between €200,000 and €250,000 and three are being paid over €250,000.

Over 75 per cent of the €8.59bn education budget is absorbed by pay and pensions. This means that all other education services must be funded from the €2.14bn non-pay element of the budget.

With thanks to M.B. on the facebook for sharing the good news.


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