Logos 4.3 and The Perseus Collection

I’m glad Phil has mentioned this- though his closing paragraph provokes this response from myself:

The entire collection downloads to your hard drive. It’s a 1.07 gb file (and I know this because they’ve allowed me the privilege of downloading and accessing the materials for a ‘test drive’ before they becomes generally available on Sept. 30).

I’ll post more on it and more thoroughly about 10 days from now. Until then, suffice it to say, these materials are fantastic.

Logos 4.3 and The Perseus Collection:  3000+ Free Books Logos Bible Software has announced the addition of the Perseus Collection to their library for free. This is an amazing collection of resources and it is to Logos’ credit that they are not charging anything at all for the books. The Perseus Project has been around since 1985, bringing classic literature to the internet.  All of these books are out of copyright, most published before 1935.  For example, Martial’s Epigrammata (Wilhelm Heraeus 1925/ … Read More

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