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Whatever You Might Think About Martin Luther…

Portrait of Martin Luther


You can never justly accuse him of obfuscation.

… the little book that I published against the [murdering hoards of] peasants has given rise to so many complaints and questions, as though it were un-Christian and too hard. Indeed, I had intended to plug my ears and to let those blind, ungrateful creatures who seek nothing in me but causes of offense smother in their own vexation until they had to rot in it…  — Martin Luther


Could you turn your back on this baby and leave him, abandoned?

A mother abandoned her newborn boy in hospital after disappearing outside for a cigarette. The boy, called Charlie by nurses, was left by the woman who police suspect gave a false name. She was last seen walking towards the car park at Newham General Hospital in east London on Wednesday. The woman, who said her name was Katalena Sctarra, had given birth minutes after arriving at the hospital. She went into labour in East Ham on Wednesday evening and a passer-by called an ambulance. Just before midnight Miss Sctarra went outside the hospital to have a cigarette and then disappeared.

There’s proof evolution is a bunch of hooey.  Even animals don’t abandon healthy babies.

The Amish Buggy Smack-Down 2011

Oh the Amish

Eight Amish men in Kentucky have begun serving time in jail—all over a bright orange triangle. The men were issued fines over their failure to display a safety sign on the backs of their horse-drawn buggies, but refused to pay, along with associated court fees. They explained that forking over the $148 to more than $600 owed would mean adhering to a law that they consider a violation of religious tenets: to not wear bright colors, and to not trust manmade signs for their safety. They got sentences this week ranging from three to 10 days.

I’m not surprised.  The Mennonites I know are the most anti-society peaceful souls around.

Well, Well… One of Joel Watt’s Friends Has Come by to Comment…

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I know it’s one of Joel’s friends.  Who else writes like that?

Zwingli Wasn’t Always Right

Indeed, on two points he was just simply wrong.  First, he was wrong on infant baptism (but that’s forgivable) and second, he was wrong on the ‘perpetual virginity of Mary (which is forgivable but completely inexplicable).

There’s been done a brilliant analysis on his sermon on the perpetual virginity of Mary by Hans Schneider in Zwingliana.

That sermon was preached in mid 1522 and published on the 17th of the month of September.  It’s still fine reading makes some really interesting points though, naturally, it doesn’t measure up to the standards of Zwingli’s theology to which we have become accustomed.

Go read it, you’ll like it.

Christopher Rollston is Branching Out…

He’s not just on Facebook anymore- now he’s plunged himself into the delightfully icy waters of the Google + and you can add him to your circles here.

Next thing ya know, he’ll be on the twitter too!

Oh Eewww… At the Dead Sea? That’s So Wrong

U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick is staging one of his trademark mass studies of nude volunteers on Saturday, with a thousand Israelis posing on a private Dead Sea beach.  The shoot is part of a bid to boost Israel’s campaign to have the salt-saturated feature recognized as one of the world’s seven natural wonders in a global online vote in November.  Experts warn that the Dead Sea could dry out by 2050 unless urgent steps are taken to halt its demise.  For Tunick, a Jewish American who has arranged naked human bodies over prominent landscapes and landmarks ranging from a Swiss glacier to the Sydney Opera House, a nude installation is an indicator of a host country’s openness.

So wrong, for so many reasons.  If the Dead Sea weren’t already dead, it would die of a coronary.

A Prayer By Heinrich Bullinger

Bullinger was asked by the Council of Zurich to compose a prayer, in 1571, to be prayed by all the citizens of the city.  Here it is:

click to enlarge

The prayer, as you can see, begins after the break.  Why have I posted this?  Because Marc Cortez is commemorating Bullinger’s death and he asked if anyone knew of any prayers by the great Reformer.  So, it’s a good enough reason for me.  Any reason at all really is a good enough reason to post Bullinger-iana.

A Couple of Volumes that Look Pretty Interesting


“Ware’s Synopsis of the Pauline Letters in Greek and English provides students, pastors, and scholars with a powerful tool for comparing the Pauline letters. While there are other Pauline synopses, this is the only one that employs the Greek text with a critical apparatus as well as an English translation. By bringing together groups of related passages, Ware’s synopsis enables readers to see how the Pauline letters treat similar themes. This synopsis, which fills a long-standing need, is destined to become a standard tool for Pauline exegesis.”–Frank J. Matera, Andrews-Kelly-Ryan Professor of Biblical Studies, The Catholic University of America

And second,

“Recent study of the New Testament has demonstrated the crucial role played by scripture in the development of the tradition. In this study of Jesus and scripture, Steve Moyise turns to the most fundamental question of all, How did Jesus himself use it? His lucid discussion not only provides an excellent survey of the topic but also introduces students to the interlocking problems of the reliability of the tradition and the relationships of the Gospels to one another.”–Morna D. Hooker, Lady Margaret’s Professor of Divinity Emerita, University of Cambridge

Logos 4.3 and The Perseus Collection

I’m glad Phil has mentioned this- though his closing paragraph provokes this response from myself:

The entire collection downloads to your hard drive. It’s a 1.07 gb file (and I know this because they’ve allowed me the privilege of downloading and accessing the materials for a ‘test drive’ before they becomes generally available on Sept. 30).

I’ll post more on it and more thoroughly about 10 days from now. Until then, suffice it to say, these materials are fantastic.

Logos 4.3 and The Perseus Collection:  3000+ Free Books Logos Bible Software has announced the addition of the Perseus Collection to their library for free. This is an amazing collection of resources and it is to Logos’ credit that they are not charging anything at all for the books. The Perseus Project has been around since 1985, bringing classic literature to the internet.  All of these books are out of copyright, most published before 1935.  For example, Martial’s Epigrammata (Wilhelm Heraeus 1925/ … Read More

via Reading Acts


Does terrible things to people.  Take the case of the banker who lost his job:

Colin Birch, 44, a former assistant vice-president of Deutsche Bank, had been turned down for a job on the same day that he paid the women to taunt him and call him a “loser” as he stood on a ladder with a noose around his neck.  Mr Birch told them he was wearing a safety harness and asked them to kick away the ladder so that they could carry out a mock execution. The women refused and walked away laughing. One of the women, worried for Birch’s safety, returned moments later to find him dying. The harness he had assured them he was wearing failed, the inquest heard. Mr Birch, a married father of two, had been made redundant in 2009 and was having trouble finding new work.

Poor guy.  And his poor family.  Despair, you stink.