Oh Bibi, You’re Such a Liar

Peace Now reports

The government expropriated an area of 815 dunams (202 acres), similar in size to the Old City of Jerusalem, in order to legalize the illegal outpost of Haresha, whose area is only 70 dunams (17 acres). According to a statement submitted by the government to the court in a petition by Peace Now against illegal houses built in the outposts of Haresha and Hayovel, the government has confiscated 815 dunams for legalizing the outpost of Haresha (from the Palestinian villages of Mizra’a Al-Qibliya and Al-Janiya, west of Ramallah), and another 189 dunams (47 acres) from the Palestinian village of Qaryut, north of Ramallah, for legalizing the outpost of Hayovel.

All this in spite of the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted that Israel wouldn’t expand illegal settlements back in 2009.

The Israeli government has committed many times not to expropriate land to expand settlements. That commitment was part of the agreement between Prime Minister Sharon and President Bush concerning the settlements, and Prime Minister Olmert also repeated it on a number of occasions. Prime Minister Netanyahu also reiterated Israel’s commitment not to expropriate new land. For example, in his Bar Ilan speech he announced: “We have no intention of building new settlements or of expropriating additional land for existing settlements.”

Hey, Christian Zionists, how do you feel about supporting immoral deception?  Or doesn’t your Christianity extend to ethics?

It is past time for the Palestinians to be treated fairly and respectfully.  So no wonder that the Israeli government is doing everything it can to ensure they are denied their own State.

[With thanks to Matthew Kalman for pointing out the report].

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