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The United States Applauds Libya’s Rebels Being Welcomed into the UN…

But rejects Palestinian membership?  What’s wrong, US, doesn’t the West Bank have enough oil for you to care?  Or, as Jonathan Rugman put it on twitter- So the UNSC unanimously gives Libya’s 6 month old rebel leadership a UN seat … Continue reading

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More Stupid Atheist Tricks

As though such absurd behavior changes anything or makes any impression except to prove the angry atheists simple minded fools- An outspoken California atheist group is taking a page out of Terry Jones’ book, and more than one page out … Continue reading

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‘Bishop’ Eddie Long is About to Be Exposed…

By one of his accusers in a ‘tell-all’ book that will doubtless provide the silly people foolish enough to buy it more than enough grist for the depravity mill. Centino Kemp, the fifth accuser in the Bishop Eddie Long sex … Continue reading

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Thank You Scott Bailey

He’s made a few graphics for me to use when I wish to show approval or disapproval of whatever.

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Scott’s More Empathic Than I

I can’t empathize with or sympathize with pentebabbleists. They are, in the truest sense of the word, Schwärmerei. You don’t have to hang around this site very long to arrive at the conclusion that I probably have a bit of … Continue reading

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Update on the Welsh Mine Tragedy

The BBC has just announced that all 4 of the trapped miners have now been found dead.  This is so very sad.  May they rest in peace and their families and friends live with some semblance of peace.

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Oral Tradition in Ancient Israel

Providing a comprehensive study of “oral tradition” in Israel, this volume unpacks the nature of oral tradition, the form it would have taken in ancient Israel, and the remains of it in the narrative books of the Hebrew Bible. The … Continue reading

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What’s That You Say? A Politician May be Corrupt????

Well that’s never happened before… Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Friday he doesn’t know anything more about an FBI raid on the home of one of his top aides beyond what he’s seen reported in the press. Walker said “it’s … Continue reading

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A Public Lecture At the University of Chicago

This would be fun- but it coincides with the Reformation Spirituality Conference I’m already committed to attend. But if you’re in Chicago-land, you should go. Don’t miss this excellent lecture series at the University of Chicago Divinity School entitled, “The … Continue reading

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Pagan Paris Where Prayer is Prohibited

Starting today, praying in the streets of Paris is illegal, and Interior Minister Claude Gueant said the ban could soon be extended to the rest of France, particularly to Nice and Marseilles, where “the problem persists,” the Telegraph reports. The “problem” in … Continue reading

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The Palestinians Have Been Patient Long Enough

Their President has laid out, just today, his plan to present to the United Nations a bid for recognition by that body of a Palestinian State. President Mahmoud Abbas spells out his plans for a Palestinian state that he hopes … Continue reading

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Barbarous Pakistan

Among the flood victims of Sindh (South of Pakistan), Christian and Hindu “Dalits” families, considered the “untouchables”, are thrown out of refugee camps set up by the government and do not receive humanitarian aid. This is the complaint which comes … Continue reading

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Calvin, on Twitter?

Evidently they have iPhones in heaven… via

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The Welsh Mining Disaster

Sadly two men have been found dead in a dreadful mine accident in Wales. Two of four miners trapped in the flooded Gleision Colliery have been found dead, police have confirmed, but experts say they are continuing to pump in … Continue reading

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From Homeschooling to Home-Churching…

Says the Onion A new trend in the religious upbringing of children has recently emerged in the heart of the Bible Belt. “Home-churching,” the individual, family-based worship of Jesus Christ, is steadily gaining in popularity, as more parents seek an … Continue reading

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The Least Religious Country: Estonia

From the Guardian: Estonians, and especially the young, have turned their backs on organised religion, but belief in neo-paganism is thriving. Furthermore Estonia and the Czech Republic are the two nations that often claim to be the least religious in … Continue reading

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In Memoriam Heinrich Bullinger

Heinrich Bullinger died on the 17th of September, 1575, after having served as the Pastor of the Great Minster in Zurich for over 4 decades.  He wrote over 10,000 letters (!) – corresponding with persons all across Europe, including Luther, … Continue reading

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The Evil Teen

A Springfield-area teenager has been arrested on charges that he abducted a 5-year-old girl from her bed and then sexually assaulted her in a wooded area near her home, Fairfax County police said Thursday. The 16-year-old was arraigned on four … Continue reading

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Oh Bibi, You’re Such a Liar

Peace Now reports The government expropriated an area of 815 dunams (202 acres), similar in size to the Old City of Jerusalem, in order to legalize the illegal outpost of Haresha, whose area is only 70 dunams (17 acres). According … Continue reading

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