When You See the Tide Turning Against You, Threaten: That’s The Israeli Government’s Method of Diplomacy

The Israeli Foreign Minister said

Unilateral Palestinian moves will have dire consequences

I wonder who in the world he could have in mind, don’t you?

Avigdor Lieberman says Israel will not tolerate one-sided moves by PA, adds there is no more room for goodwill gestures as they are ‘taken for granted, seen as sign of weakness’.

Israel doesn’t want any one sided moves by the PA because it wants to hold on to all the one sided moves itself. Like planting settlers in the West Bank and tearing down Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem. Stuff like that.

That shaking you just felt under your feet wasn’t an earthquake, it was the herds who follow Hagee jumping up and down gleefully in hopes that the Palestinians and the Israelis would go to war and kill each other so the Messiah will return.

Israel has “shown great generosity towards the Palestinians, but it did not bring us peace,” he said.

Oh boy! I’m sure that the Palestinians who have been robbed of their land, jailed, displaced, scorned, treated poorly, and essentially caged into huge ghettos from which they can only exit with the patronizing permission of the Israeli government will say the same thing. Indeed, I’m really surprised they want their own state at all, as beneficent as Israel has been and as lovingly as they’ve been embraced by their ghetto masters. If they would just be patient and calm down and wait 400 years they can have their own country. Gosh, they’re just so selfish…

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