7 thoughts on “Pentebabbleists Exposed for the New-Ager-Cultists That They Are

  1. Craig Benno

    Yeah! This is sheer garbage. I was at a meeting once where someone was laying on the floor growling like a lion. Peeps were standing around him saying…’Grant him more Lord!’ The Lord opened my eyes and I saw a demon on him and he needed deliverance – not more.

    Not all pente’s / charismatics are drawn into this stuff though and there are many good solid Bible believing Pente’s such as Gordon Fee coming through the ranks.


    1. Jim Post author

      thats why i make a distinction between pentecostals (like fee, whom i have NOTHING but the highest regard for) and pentebabbleists, who are a mockery of christianity and – as ive said- nothing but montanists


  2. Craig Benno

    Ahh! light bulb moment! I used to get defensive of you using the term ‘pentebabbleists’ thinking you were lumping all pentecostals together under the same umbrella. …I understand where your coming from now…and say “YEAH!” that is a great term to use.


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