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Caught With Crack and Heroin and the New School Year is at Hand? OK, You Can Go…

A woman smoking crack from a glass pipe.

What Daniella will do between classes

This is really absurd and unjust.

A teenage girl caught with £800 of crack cocaine and heroin in her bra has been freed from prison 15 months early so she can go to university in time for freshers’ week.

Does that mean that everyone else caught and convicted should get out early too so they can go walk their dog or visit their ailing parents or go on vacation? She’s been given special treatment and special treatment isn’t justice. It’s the very definition of injustice.

Daniella Jade Lewis was jailed for 18 months at Salisbury Crown Court in on June 10 this year after being caught with the class A drugs in her underwear in Winchester, Hants.  But after just three months of her sentence, the 19-year-old was freed last Friday after telling London’s Appeal Court that she had won a place at the University of Middlesex and would lose out if she remained in prison.

She should have thought of that before she decided to be a druggie. But I guess it doesn’t matter- she’s out and she’s learned a valuable lesson: she’s not responsible for her actions and if she has an excuse, she can get out of the penalty for her misdeeds.

Middlesex should revoke her placement and the judge should toss her back to serve her sentence.

Justin Bieber isn’t the Only Famous Male Who Wears Women’s Clothing…

Shockingly, so do Chris Tilling, Mark Stevens, Mark Goodacre, Robert Cargill, and Jim Linville.  Here they are at last year’s SBL singing about it (with the rest of us quite shocked in the choir). And the lead singer, that’s Robert Cargill (who, it turns out, is a horrible barber!)

The ‘Mom’ Who Showed Porn to Her Teen Son’s Friends, And Gave them Booze

Deputies are investigating a 47-year-old Lexington woman some parents say showed their teenage sons pornography, before serving them liquor.  Investigators with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department say Susan Russell Hammond is charged with disseminating obscene material to a person under 18-years of age.  According to an arrest warrant, Hammond showed a pornographic movie to three 14-year-old boys who were staying at her home on Old Town Road in Lexington on July 26.

Neither bright nor right.  If this woman invites your teen boy to her house for a party, don’t let him go.

The Tea Party Cheers When the Uninsured Die


America Loves Democracy for Arabs, Unless They’re Palestinians

As the Palestinians plan to make a bid for statehood at the United Nations next week, many Palestinians see it as a way to break years of deadlock with Israel.  The Israelis, meanwhile, see only diplomatic fallout and the potential for violence.

Meanwhile, back in Washington

… a recent bill proposed in the U.S. Congress would suspend U.S. aid to the Palestinians. That combination could bankrupt the Palestinian Authority. Ashrawi says that the cut-off of funds would fuel anger among Palestinians. But she insists that protests in the West Bank timed to coincide with the U.N. bid will be nonviolent.

So as long as Arabs live outside of the Palestinian Territory the US is more than happy to aid democracy.  But step past the Israeli checkpoints and you’re on your own.