Mark Driscoll Has Gone off the Rails, and Off His Rocker


Look it’s time to face facts: Mark Driscoll is full of himself, and full of it.  He’s a liar, because he doesn’t know what he claims to know.  And he’s a heretic because he’s misrepresenting both the Gospel and God himself.   Only God knows those who belong to him and those who don’t.  And Driscoll isn’t God.

The only voices Driscoll is hearing are the voices of the demons in his head.  His claims are out of alignment with the witness of Scripture and for that reason alone every person who attends his church should get out now.

7 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll Has Gone off the Rails, and Off His Rocker

  1. I might be inclined to believe him if he was talking about Charlie Sheen.

    No, not really.


  2. Every week, the admonishment that you “never go full retard” seems more and more applicable to Mark Driscoll.


    • well then he doesn’t know how to write because a straightforward reading of his tweet doesn’t lead one to that conclusion.


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