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Quote of the Day: On Children

“The innocence of children may be more a matter of weakness of limb than purity of heart.”  –  St. Augustine

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An Epigraphic Discovery at the Sepphoris Cemetery

At the cemetery at Sepphoris, an inscription has been found.  So far only miniscule details, but here’s what we know:

בחצרו של תושב מושב ציפורי המתגורר באזור בית הקברות העתיק של העיר ציפורי, נתגלה משקוף של מערת קבורה עתיקה הנושא עליו כתובת דו לשונית, ארמית ויוונית. חוקרי המכון לארכיאולוגיה גלילית ד”ר מרדכי אביעם ואהרוני אמיתי בסיועו של ד”ר יעקב אשכנזי עסוקים בימים אלו בהשלמת פיענוחה של הכתובת. עד כה ברור כי בצד ימין מופיע השם “יודן” שזו הצורה הארמית של השם “יהודה”. הכתובת היוונית היא בת ארבע שורות והיא מתחילה במילה “לזיכרון” או “מצבת זיכרון” ולאחר מכן בא שמו של הנקבר העיקרי “יהודה” בצורתו היוונית. לאחר מכן באים שמות נוספים ואולי אף תואר.

With thanks to Chris Rollston for mentioning it on FB.  I feel certain more news, and even some in English, will be forthcoming soon.  In the meantime- the Inscription is bilingual, in Aramaic and Greek, and contains the word ‘Judah’. Dr. Mordechai Aviam and Dr. Yaakov Ashkenazi are busy completing the deciphering of the inscription.

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Conference Announcement: Symposium anläßlich des 100. Geburtstages von Hans Walter Wolff

„Neu aufbrechen, den Menschen zu suchen und zu erkennen“ Symposium anläßlich des 100. Geburtstages von Hans Walter Wolff (17.12.1911 – 22.10.1993)

14. Dezember 2011, 11 Uhr c.t. Theologische Fakultät der Universität Heidelberg

Kontakt: Theologische Fakultät der Universität Heidelberg, Prof. Dr. Jan Christian Gertz, Prof. Dr. Manfred Oeming. E-Mail


Hans Walter Wolff – Leben und Werk, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Rudolf Smend

Hans Walter Wolff und die alttestamentliche Prophetie, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jörg Jeremias

Hans Walter Wolff und die Suche nach den Kerygmata der Erzählwerke in der Hebräischen Bibel, Prof. Dr. Thomas Römer

Was ist der Mensch? Hans Walter Wolff und die Aufgabe einer alttestamentlichen Anthropologie, Prof. Dr. Bernd Janowski

Prophetische Predigt heute. Homiletische Herausforderungen der Predigten Hans Walter Wolffs, Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwier

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Pat Robertson Thinks If your Wife Has Alzheimers You Should Divorce Her so You Can Be Happy…

Pat Robertson is wrong, yet again.  In fact, I don’t think he’s ever right.  Via.

Pat Robertson, the old guy Mark Driscoll.

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The Tale of the Obese Stockbroker and the White Castle Lawsuit

Only in America, my friends, only in America.

A disgruntled 290-pound White Castle fan is taking his pain to court, Fox Newsreports. Stockbroker Martin Kessman, 64, is suing the fast food chain for not expanding its booths for his meaty girth. He complained two years ago after banging a knee against a table support at his local franchise in Nanuet, New York, the New York Post reports. He says the company sent three “very condescending letters,” each containing “a coupon for three free hamburgers—but the cheese was extra!”

When his suit is tossed I think besides paying court costs he should be sent as an oilfield worker to Somalia.  He’s not disabled, he’s a glutton.

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Call For Papers: Religion and the Politics of Humor

CALL FOR PAPERS on the topic “Religion and the Politics of Humor” – The Bulletin for the Study of Religion is accepting submissions for a special issue on humor and religion. Articles engaging any aspect of the theme are welcome, especially the politics of parody, but including in general studies of religious parodies, the presence of humor on the Internet (e.g., video clips, web comics, etc), and cultural analyses of the use of humor in various religious traditions (including comparative analysis but also specific area studies). Articles engaging theoretical and methodological issues in the study of humor and religion are especially desired. Queries should be sent to the editors, Craig Martin ( and Philip Tite ( Online submissions and guidelines: Deadline for submissions: July 1, 2012.


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I Know I Shouldn’t Laugh, But I Did Anyway

With thanks to Mike Barber for posting it on the FB.


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Mark Driscoll Has Gone off the Rails, and Off His Rocker


Look it’s time to face facts: Mark Driscoll is full of himself, and full of it.  He’s a liar, because he doesn’t know what he claims to know.  And he’s a heretic because he’s misrepresenting both the Gospel and God himself.   Only God knows those who belong to him and those who don’t.  And Driscoll isn’t God.

The only voices Driscoll is hearing are the voices of the demons in his head.  His claims are out of alignment with the witness of Scripture and for that reason alone every person who attends his church should get out now.



Zwingliana 38 (2011) Has Been Published!

You can read the table of Contents and see the list of Book Reviews here.  It can’t be read online yet but you can read abstracts of the essays and if you are a member of the Zwingliverein you’ll receive your copy soon.

And you’ll want to get a copy from the Zwingliverein if only for this alone.

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I Need Some Help With Logos 4

I need to know how to:

1- Set the default setting to two panes.  Whenever I open up to a passage I have way more than two and I want to know how to set it to two panels and I want to decide what’s in those two panels when they open.


2- Search phrases.  In Bibleworks 9 searching a phrase is simple- I just highlight it, right click, and ‘search phrase’.  To this point I haven’t found that on Logos 4.

If you know how to do these things or know of a help page describing the steps, I’d appreciate it.  (Frankly searching for particular help on specifics like these on the Logos site is pretty time consuming and the search phrase I am using must not be computer lingo-ish enough).

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If We Continue At This Pace, We Americans Too Will Be Members of the Third World

From CNN

More Americans fell below the poverty line last year, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released Tuesday.  The nation’s poverty rate rose to 15.1% in 2010, up from 14.3% in 2009 and to its highest level since 1993.  Last year marked the third year in a row the rate increased. All told, 46.2 million people are considered in need. In addition, real median household income last year was $49,445, a 2.3% decline, the Census Bureau reported.

So while the rich continue to get richer (thanks, Republicans!), the poor are getting poorer and there are more of them.  Pretty soon we can be Somalia.  Thanks Greed!

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The Most Dilettantish of All Dilettantes

I’m just dumbfounded.  Seriously.

“The Scribe” wants you to buy his book hear the new new revelation that Jesus personally told him to write. So, he did what prophets and recipients of divine revelation have always done: he set up a website, complete with praise from reputable individuals such as:

“Exactly what Jesus would say if he came to earth again! Perhaps this is how he will come again.”  –  Christian Person
“What Christians have been seeking for centuries. Literally millions will love it.”   – Catholic Bishop
“Speechless! I am totally amazed at what is here.”   – Person with ties to India and Hinduism
“Poetry for my soul.”  – Protestant Minister
“Marvelous! My wife and I have read John’s Gospel through twice to each other. Our favorite phrase: ‘God’s Heart is so big you can’t walk out of it.’”   – Couple with a Mormon background
“Many will find that this book is miraculous, since Jesus brings us into the Heart of God.”  – A Seeker

Worse than the idiot, and yes, he’s an idiot, who’s peddling this ignorance are the people who have endorsed it (if indeed anyone has. After all, anyone who lies about a new ‘revelation’ straight from Jesus himself will lie about his ignorance being endorsed too). The telling fact of these endorsers is that they are utterly anonymous. Doubtless they wish not to be named.

So, because this person (using the word loosely and preferring the word moron) claims what he claims- here’s the Dilly he so richly deserves:


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The Reformation: Towards a New History

This new one by Lee Wandel looks quite intriguing so I’ve ordered a copy.

This book brings together two histories, of the Encounter between Europe and the western hemisphere that began in 1492 and the fragmentation of European Christendom in the sixteenth century, to recast the story of the Reformation. It restores to the polemics-“idolatry,” “true Christian,” “barbarian”-their deeply divisive force, even as it helps us to see past those polemics to divergent understandings of divinity, matter, and human nature. Every aspect of human life, from marriage and family through politics to conceptualizations of space and time was called into question. Debates on human nature and conversion forged new understandings of religious identity. Divergent understandings of human nature and its relationship to the material world divided Europeans on the nature and function of images and ritual. By the end of the century, there was not one “Christian religion,” but multiple understandings of person, matter, space, time-and of “religion” itself.

Wandel is a great writer and excellent scholar and never disappoints.  So I’m keen to read it.

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The Pope Isn’t Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity



If some priest somewhere is a molester that priest is himself guilty, and not the entire Catholic Church.  Blaming the whole Church, or the Pope, for the deeds of a tiny minority of priests is like blaming every American for the war in Iraq or every German for the actions of Hitler.  All can’t be blamed for the actions of a few.    Someone’s just looking for publicity.

Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests have accused the pope, the Vatican secretary of state and two other high-ranking Holy See officials of crimes against humanity, in a formal complaint to the international criminal court (ICC).

The submission, lodged at The Hague on Tuesday, accuses the four men not only of failing to prevent or punish perpetrators of rape and sexual violence but also of engaging in the “systematic and widespread” practice of concealing sexual crimes around the world.

It includes individual cases of abuse where letters and documents between Vatican officials and others show a refusal to co-operate with law enforcement agencies seeking to pursue suspects, according to the Centre for Constitutional Rights (CCR), a US-based organisation that represents the claimants.

To be kind, that’s just stupid.  We all loathe perversion perpetrated against children.  But blaming the Pope and the Vatican wholesale is just simply stupid and betrays a lack of sense and intelligence.


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A Remarkable Factoid: Over 13% of All Printed Bibles are Now In Chinese

But that’s a distant second to the number of Portugese copies, which are over 22% of the total! Ref.Ch notes

Die Sprachenstatistik führe Portugiesisch mit 22,1 Prozent an. 13,6 Prozent der gedruckten Ausgaben erschienen in Chinesisch und rund 2 Prozent in deutscher Sprache.

Only 2% of printed Bibles are in German. That’s amazing.

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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

He’s busy at the Rugby world cup, with Mark Stevens.  But, alas, they went to the wrong country!

Two South African British rugby fans scoured the Wellington suburb of Eastbourne for their hotel, only to find it was half a world away in the British seaside town of the same name, a report said Tuesday.

Michael and Sunette Adendorff Chris Tilling and Mark Stevens travelled to the New Zealand capital to watch the Springboks play Wales in the Rugby World Cup believing they has secured accommodation at the Majestic Hotel, the Dominion Post reported.

But instead of enjoying the “splendid” beach views advertised on Majestic’s website, they found themselves wandering Wellington’s streets unable to locate the hotel on their GPS navigator, the newspaper said.

The penny finally dropped when the pair asked for directions at a local shop and pharmacist Linda Burke explained the hotel was actually some 19,000 kilometres (11,800 miles) away on the British south coast.

BAhahahahahah!   That’s going to be hard to live down…


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Iran Will Free the Hikers

The Washington Post emails

Iran’s president says he will grant “unilateral pardon” to 2 American hikers.

Good for them!  I’m sure further details will be forthcoming.

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